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Bethesda unveil new Starfield discounts

Starfield's largest discount has gone live with the Bethesda summer sale, giving players a great chance to dive in before the DLC arrives.

Bethesda unveil new Starfield discounts

A Starfield sale has begun, with 33% off the standard edition, and 30% off the premium edition of Starfield until Thursday, July 11, 2024.

The 33% discount on the standard edition is the lowest Starfield has ever retailed for, but not for the first time, having previously enjoyed the same discount during the Steam spring sale. With Starfield’s player count finally on the rise once again, the Steam summer sale represents a great chance for new players to test the waters of Starfield ahead of the Starfield Shattered Space release.

New players can just as easily dive into the 920 free mods available on the Starfield Creations store, and enjoy the latest Trackers Alliance content which arrived in the 1.12.30 Starfield update.

Just don’t be intimidated by Starfield’s current review score on Steam – sitting at “Mostly Negative” as of the time of writing – as there is a real gem of a game to be enjoyed. The low score is, if many of the recent reviews are any indicator, due to the introduction of microtransactions to the base game for paid mods. That said, there really aren’t that many microtransactions currently on the market, with just 18 mods requiring payment against 920 freebies.

Fortunately, players who decide to go for the Starfield premium edition will gain 1000 Creation Credits – the premium currency used in the Creations store – as well as access to Shattered Space once it arrives.

If you haven’t picked up Starfield yet, now might be the best time. The game is the most polished it has been since release, and the modding scene has taken off even moreso than before thanks to the release of the official modding tools: the Creation Kit 2.

The summer sale lands just two to three months before the long anticipated Starfield DLC arrives, giving players more than enough time to reach the New Game Plus mode, and acquire the best weapons possible in preparation for whatever House Va’ruun have in store come fall 2024.

If you haven’t picked up the game yet, are you tempted by Bethesda’s Starfield sale? Or are you waiting until Starfield reviews become more positive, or until the DLC launches? Let us know in the Starfield forum, and be sure to follow Starfield Db on Google News for all the latest game updates.