Starfield Crimson Fleet

Ever dreamed of being a space pirate and looting your way across the galaxy? Join the Starfield Crimson Fleet faction.

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The Starfield Crimson Fleet faction are effectively the bad guys of the Settled Systems. Recognizable from their futuristic Jolly Roger symbol, red-hued armor, and skull masks, the Crimson Fleet don’t follow the established rules set by the United Colonies and roam around space in search of loot, seizing it from any spacers unfortunate enough to be in their way.

Unlike Starfield factions like the United Colonies, Constellation, or the Freestar Collective, the Crimson Fleet doesn’t seem particularly interested in history or legacy so we’re currently not sure how the group formed and under what circumstances. Likewise, as it’s a group of marauding space pirates there doesn’t appear to be a capital city, although a capital spaceship seems possible.

Can we join the Crimson Fleet faction? Refreshingly, yes. Just remember: “When you sign up with the Crimson Fleet, no one quits. The only way out is death.”

Where is the Crimson Fleet from?

While we’re not sure it has a capital city, the Crimson Fleet started out in the Kryx system but started expanding and disrupting operations for the UC and FC in the wider Settled Systems. They have established footholds in Starfield locations like the Sagan, Cheyenne, Lunara, and Narion systems. In the Starfield gameplay trailer, the player encounters them as enemies on the moon of Kreet.

They started out pestering the Freestar Collective, but it wasn’t too long before they drew the ire of the United Colonies.

A commander of the Starfield Crimson Fleet faction

Starfield Crimson Fleet members

Briefly during the Starfield gameplay trailer from June 2022, we see a named pirate on the roof of the Kreet Research Lab. This pirate is called Brogan and is several levels stronger than the other pirates, but that’s all that is currently known about this NPC.

Who are the Crimson Fleet's enemies?

While the Crimson Fleet is an antagonist faction, their main enemy appears to be the United Colonies. In the Starfield gameplay trailer, a UC security leader asks you to help them take down these cutthroat pirates, and they likely aren’t the only faction inconvenienced by the Crimson Fleet.

Of course, the Fleet’s marauding is likely to target just about any faction with a valuable enough cargo, even if it’s a passing Spacefarer like yourself.

How to join the Crimson Fleet

According to developers, players can either join the Crimson Fleet in earnest or embed themselves as informants to help another faction. The Crimson Fleet are a cutthroat faction, so players may have some hard decisions to make if they hope to destroy the pirates from within. But for those looking to live the pirates life, boarding passing ships and looting their cargo may be a very lucrative opportunity.

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