Starfield Cydonia

A dust-shrouded relic of humanity’s past, Cydonia is the capital city of Mars and home to “unique challenges”.

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Cydonia was one of the first colonies established by humanity as humans looked for a new place to call home. Due to the hostile, airless environment, Cydonia was built in a crater, and lies largely underground. Covered in dust and sand, Cydonia appears to be a poor settlement compared to New Atlantis, and could be considered another relic of humanity’s flight from the Earth.

Points of interest:

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A screenshot overlooking the colony of Cydonia.


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Notable NPCs:

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Nearby locations:

  • Mars Mech Factory
  • Mars Rover

Cydonia trivia:

Cydonia was first spotted briefly during the Starfield gameplay trailer of June 2022.

The Starfield city of Cydonia is named after the Cydonia region of Mars. The region in question is the site of the “Face on Mars” phenomenon, which numerous spectators at the time claimed to be evidence of a Martian civilization.

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