Starfield Mars

As Earth became less inhabitable, humans journeyed into the stars and established a colony on Mars, the fourth planet of the Sol system.

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A short rocket launch from humanity’s birthplace, Mars is a vast red desert and home to the original off-world settlement: Cydonia. As the stepping stone to accessing the rest of the universe, Mars appears to be largely neglected by the Settled Systems as of Starfield’s campaign.

Mars key info:

  • Level: Unknown
  • Type: Unknown
  • Gravity: 0.38G
  • Temperature: Unknown
  • Atmosphere: Unknown
  • Magnetosphere: Unknown
  • Fauna: Unknown
  • Flora: Unknown
  • Water: Unknown

In Starfield, Mars is the site of the first human colony

Points of interest:

  • Cydonia
  • Mars Mech Factory
  • Mars Rover


  • Currently unknown


  • Currently unknown

Notable NPCs:

  • Currently unknown


  • Currently unknown


  • Currently unknown


  • Currently unknown

Mars fauna:

  • Currently unknown

Mars flora:

  • Currently unknown

Nearby planets and locations:

Mars trivia:

Mars is the only confirmed planet in the Sol system that you can visit, and was first seen extensively during the Starfield gameplay trailer, 2022.

An old Mars rover can be seen in one of the trailers, and could be an Easter Egg, or location.

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