Starfield materials

Whether you're crafting weapon mods, spaceship parts, or building your outpost, you'll need to collect plenty of Starfield materials and resources

If you want to build outposts all over the Settled Systems then you’re going to need a lot of Starfield materials. While you have to scrap derelict buildings or visit vendors to gather resources in Fallout 4, it looks like you’ll get materials by harvesting them directly with a Cutter or through outpost machinery in Starfield.

Materials are primarily used to build your outposts, and it appears that outposts can in turn be used to automatically harvest even larger resource nodes. However, materials will also be used for crafting mods for your Starfield weapons and possibly even new modules for your Starfield ship.

When you land in any of the Starfield locations or planets you can scan the environment to reveal how many different materials are present in the area, then it’s up to you to wander around and find them.

Here are the known Starfield materials:

  • Al – Aluminum
  • Fe – Iron
  • Ni – Nickel
  • Sealant

Starfield materials: an outpost for finding and harvesting resources

It looks like Aluminium and Iron will be crucial for building different outpost buildings, while Iron, Nickel, and Sealant will be used in crafting weapon mods. We’ve seen Iron present as a resource node on the planet of Kreet but that’s all we know for now.

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