Starfield Neon

The source of the Aurora narcotic, Neon has risen from a humble fishing platform to a bustling pleasure city.

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Originally intended as a fishing platform, the platform’s architects soon discovered that the native fish possessed psychotropic properties. Following this discovery and processing their catch into drugs, Neon evolved into a ‘Pleasure City’, and the only place in the Settled Systems where Aurora, the drug in question, is legal. Located in the Vol II system, by the year 2330, Neon has become a hub of trade, and an enormous tourist trap.

Points of interest:

  • Spaceport Terminal
  • Reliant Medical
  • The Emporium
  • The Vol II Hotel

Concept art of the Starfield city of Neon, seen during the Starfield: Location Insights - Neon video.


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Notable NPCs:

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Nearby locations:

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Neon media:

Neon trivia:

Neon was first spotted briefly during the Starfield gameplay trailer of June 2022, but has also featured in early Starfield concept art.

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