Starfield New Atlantis

Situated on Jemison in the Alpha Centauri system, New Atlantis is the shining beacon of the Settled Systems, and capital of the United Colonies.

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Founded in 2161, New Atlantis has since thrived into the gem of the United Colonies faction. Described as a true melting pot of cultures, creeds, and races, New Atlantis is Bethesda’s utopian republic of the future.

Points of interest:

  • Constellation Headquarters
  • Interstellar Inn
  • UCSEC – United Colonies Security and Safety
  • NAT – New Atlantis Transit

Starfield's New Atlantis is the capital city of the United Colonies factions.


  • Currently unknown


Notable NPCs:

  • Sarah


  • Currently unknown


  • Currently unknown

Nearby locations:

  • Constellation Space Station LO-868

New Atlantis media:

New Atlantis concept art:

Starfield concept art of New Atlantis City.

Concept art of the New Atlantis Transit system.

New Atlantis trivia:

New Atlantis was the first confirmed city in Starfield, and seen extensively during the June 2022 gameplay trailer.

New Atlantis is named after the fictional city Atlantis, a mythical city that sank into the Atlantic Ocean. Atlantis is often referenced in utopian literature, especially since the Renaissance period. This utopian association has been referenced as the inspiration behind New Atlantis by Bethesda Studios.

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