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Agent No.1

Agent No.1
Companion No
Crew Member No
Location Trackers Alliance HQ
Faction Trackers Alliance

Agent No.1 overview

Starfield’s Agent No.1 is one of several Starfield NPCs added in the 1.12.30 Starfield update as part of the Trackers Alliance faction expansion.

Otherwise known as “No One”, Agent No.1 wears a full body spacesuit, and uses a voice synthesizer to conceal their identity.

You’ll first encounter Agent No.1 as part of the Trackers Alliance questline. Specifically, you’ll meet Agent No.1 after you’ve met the Mysterious Tracker who will direct you to finding Agent No.1 in the Trackers Alliance HQ based in Akila City.

On meeting Agent No.1, you’ll find them in the middle of an argument with fellow Trackers Alliance agent Roach. Once their argument has concluded, you’ll be able to speak with Agent No.1.

Depending on how far you have progressed in the Starfield main quest, side quests, and faction quests, Agent No.1 will dynamically refer to key moments and the methods you used to resolve them to explain why you were invited to the Trackers Alliance. For example, if you resolved the Galbank heist peacefully, Agent No.1 will praise you for resolving the situation without spilling a drop of blood.

On accepting Agent No.1’s invitation to join the Trackers Alliance, you will be directed to collect your first non-Mission Board bounty from the nearby wall, and told to speak with Roach.

Agent No.1 locations

You can find Agent No.1 in one of the following locations: