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Mysterious Tracker

The Starfield Mysterious Tracker is the first NPC in the Starjacker questline, found randomly in major cities like Cydonia or New Atlantis.

Mysterious Tracker
Companion No
Crew Member No
Faction Trackers Alliance

Mysterious Tracker overview

Starfield’s Mysterious Tracker is a Starfield NPC you will encounter as part of the Tracker’s Alliance questline introduced in the 1.12.30 Starfield update.

This NPC will appear once you have progressed a certain way into the Starfield main questline, and will spawn randomly at a major city or location. You will receive a new quest notification called “The Trackers Alliance”

So far, we have confirmed sightings of the Mysterious Tracker:

On speaking with the Mysterious Tracker, you will be invited to join the Trackers Alliance. If you have the Wanted trait, you will gain an additional dialog option regarding your own mysterious bounty.

On accepting the NPC’s invitation, you will be directed to visit the Tracker’s Alliance headquarters based in Akila City, where you will find Agent No.1.