Starfield perks

Starfield perks are there to help you be the best astronaut you can be, so check out our guide to levelling up your skills.

Like in other Bethesda RPG experiences, Starfield perks are a massive part of influencing your experience. If our experiences in the Elder Scrolls and Fallout are anything to go on, perks help you determine your playstyle, whether you want to be a space pirate, a pacificist peace-maker, or a galactic warlord. So, our guide is here to explain the mechanic, making it easier for you to be the best from day one.

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What are Starfield perks?

Starfield perks can be interpreted in two ways, as technically the term isn’t used in the game. You’re probably thinking of the term ‘perks’ through its use in Bethesda’s iconic Fallout series. What we’re talking about here is one of three things:

  • Starfield skills – these determine your core stats for things like battle, building, and flying.
  • Starfield backgrounds – your background decides a set of three special abilities at the start of the game for your full playthrough.
  • Starfield traits – as well as skills and backgrounds, you pick three traits at the start of your game to give you an ability or boon.

You can click the linked guides from either of those three mechanics to see full guides with all the options we know so far.

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How do I get Starfield perks?

In terms of your background and traits, you select these options at the start of the game. It’s worth paying attention to these, as some options mean you can’t interact with specific Starfield factions. Skills are different in that you level up these abilities while playing, so you can deal more damage, fly faster, or pick up better parts for your Starfield outpost and Starfield ships. Either way, you need to balance all three Starfield perks mechanics to make sure your astronaut is ready for the adventure that awaits.

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