Starfield Ryujin Industries

The Starfield Ryujin Industries faction gives the spacefarer a taste of life in a mega-corporation, here's all you need to know about the company

Who is the Starfield Ryujin Industries faction? Of the many Starfield groups that have been revealed so far, Ryujin Industries are one of the most mysterious. This is one of a handful of mega-corporations that have been established across the Settled Systems and it has a particularly big presence in the water-locked pleasure city of Neon, which was initially constructed by the Xenofresh Corporation for use as a fishing platform.

The group has been mentioned and featured in a few trailers, but unlike Starfield factions like the Crimson Fleet, Constellation, United Colonies, and Freestar Collective, we don’t know what their goals are or what their members look like.

Can you join Ryujin Industries?

Yes, the player can join Ryujin Industries by applying for a job, getting hired, and proving their mettle as a corpo, which is briefly explained in the ‘Into the Starfield – Ep2: Made for Wanderers’ trailer. Lead quest designer Will Shen says it’s got one of the best starts of all of the factions in Starfield.

Considering its one of four factions that are described in the trailer, with the other three being United Colonies, Crimson Fleet, and Freestar Collective, it’s safe to assume that Ryujin Industries will be a key player in the Settled Systems and might even have a role to play in the outcome of the main story.

The Starfield Ryujin Industries faction is a corporation on Neon

What is Ryujin Industries' capital city?

While this corporation doesn’t technically have a capital city, they have made the city of Neon its main base of operations. This hasn’t been mentioned in any trailers explicitly, but the company’s logo is prominently displayed in concept art for Neon. Judging from concept art, the Ryujin Industries headquarters takes the form of a large, futuristic tower at one end of a multistory strip of shops, bars, and clubs.

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