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Only 18 of 938 Starfield mods have microtransactions, costs $75

Since the launch of the Creations store, only 18 mods require Creation Credits, but the cost really adds up.

Only 18 of 938 Starfield mods have microtransactions, costs $75

As part of the 1.12.30 Starfield update, Starfield mods became available for purchase via the newly launched Creations store. Many of these Creation store mods demanded a new premium currency, thereby launching microtransactions in Starfield, and beckoning an onslaught of negative Steam reviews. However, nearly three weeks later, only 18 of 938 mods require Bethesda’s Creation Credits to download. That’s less than 2% of all mods.

That said, those 18 mods combined cost 7300 Creation Credits or $75, if you purchased the 500 Creation Credits package until you had enough.

Alternatively, you could buy one 5500 Creation Credit bundle and the 2700 bundle, costing you a total of $74.98, and leaving you with 900 Creation Credits in change.

Incidentally, Starfield retails for $69.99 on the Microsoft store at the moment.

When Starfield’s microtransactions were announced, many fans voiced their concerns that Starfield’s Creations store was going to echo the Creation Club, portioning off pieces of content behind paywalls that would slowly but surely demand more money than the base game cost. That reality has, regardless of your opinion on it, been reached.

However, most mods don’t cost a thing. Having gone through all 47 pages of Bethesda’s Creations store and checked all of the 938 mods (accurate as of June 27, 2024), I can confirm that only 18 actually require the use of Creation Credits.

Of those 18, Bethesda are directly responsible for 3 of them, including the $7 Trackers Alliance Vulture quest. So, when it comes to fan creations, only 1.6% of mods cost you a thing.

Regardless of where you stand on the introduction of microtransactions to Starfield, it seems as though modders are, at least for now, resisting the urge to charge for everything they do. Many Starfield mods are making their way over to the Creations store from Nexus Mods, yet no price tags are being attached. If the trend continues, Starfield’s modding Renaissance could well be realized, and without costing an arm and a leg.

Time will tell.

Given that only 18 mods need microtransactions but cost a combined $75, what do you think about Starfield microtransactions now? Are they poised to explode, or are modders fighting that sentiment? Tell us what you think over in our Starfield forum, and be sure to follow Starfield Db on Google News for all the latest updates.

For those curious about the mods that cost Creation Credits, you can find them all on Bethesda’s Creations store page.