Starfield Xenofresh Corporation

Everything we know about the Starfield Xenofresh Corporation faction, its history, its drug, and if it’s joinable.

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The Starfield Xenofresh Corporation is a mega-corporation responsible for creating the pleasure city of Neon, but little else about the faction has been confirmed. How the Spacefarer will come into contact with Xenofresh Corporation and climb the corporate ladder in the Vol II system is up for debate, though drugs will be at the heart of it.

The Xenofresh faction has only been mentioned in interviews and a few trailers, unlike other Starfield factions like Constellation or the Freestar Collective, but there are a few things we’ve been able to piece together.

When was Xenofresh Corporation founded?

It is unknown how prominent the Xenofresh Corporation were prior to their arrival in the Vol II system or if their intentions were pure, but the construction of a fishing platform used to create an illegal drug may hint at their true nature. The local fish possess psychotropic properties which Xenofresh processed and commercialized into Aurora – a popular but illegal substance throughout the Settled Systems, yet unregulated on Neon.

By 2330, the city of Neon is a popular tourist trap and trading hub. Unfortunately, with no other dates or records, we are unable to determine just how old the Xenofresh Corporation is at this time.

Xenofresh Corporation built the pleasure city of Neon, but what has Aurora done to it?

Starfield Xenofresh Corporation locations

No specific mention has been made as to Xenofresh’s presence in Neon. But, as the original creators of Neon, Xenofresh likely have a headquarters or major branch somewhere in Vol II, the source of their drug Aurora.

Who are Xenofresh Corporation’s enemies?

Official confirmation has yet to be made, but the proximity of Ryujin Industries on Neon hints that they will be closely related to one another. Bethesda have made a habit of creating counterpart factions throughout previous titles like Fallout, so fighting for territory and the production and distribution of Aurora may well be at the heart of Vol II’s questline.

How to join Xenofresh Corporation

Can you join Xenofresh Corporation? Yes, the player can join the Xenofresh Corporation, but in an unknown role. Thanks to the ESRB’s rating, we know that at some point you’ll be “working in an illicit drug lab”, and that you can buy or steal the drug from various vendors.

As one of the Starfield factions alongside the United Colonies, Crimson Fleet, and Freestar Collective, it’s safe to assume that Xenofresh Corporation will be a key player in the Settled Systems as will their famous Starfield drug, Aurora.

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