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Starfield clothing options include these baffling pant-shoe hybrids

Starfield clothing options appear to include trouser-shoe bodysuits which are either the future or the death of fashion.

Starfield clothing options include these baffling pant-shoe hybrids

Eagle-eyed Redditors have discovered Starfield clothing options hidden in the Starfield gameplay trailer. An NPC can be seen wearing trousers that appear to overlap or become shoes.

The discovery, made by Redditor ExoticMangoz, comes just 13 days before the next Starfield showcase – Starfield Direct. In the wake of the Starfield clothing screenshots, the Starfield hype on Reddit increased.

“I really want a pair but society is not ready…” stated user mouder61. Redditor derekgr lamented, “society wasn’t ready for crocs…”

But some Redditors have argued that the “shoe trousers” or “shousers” aren’t a single item of clothing. Jombo65 pointed out that “these seem like trousers that strap around the underside of the shoe in front of the heel.”

The “shoe trousers” are not the only clothing detail hidden away in the gameplay trailer. One NPC can be seen walking away with a saucer-hat on their head, while another NPC wears an orange spacesuit in preparation for leaving the Jemison spaceport.

A screenshot of Jemison NPCs in a variety of Starfield clothing

Bethesda has also shown a few close-ups of numerous character builds and designs, including a number of Starfield clothing options. These options have shown that zippers, clasps, and buckles are quite common. Also common are patches of different colors and materials sewn together to make a single outfit.

A collection of three Starfield characters wearing different Starfield clothing options.

Starfield is set to be the largest Bethesda game ever created, and is sure to include a ton of clothing and armor options. More will likely be added via the Creation Club, through DLC, and through Starfield mods once Starfield has launched in September, 2023.