Starfield weapons

Discover stats, locations, damage, and much more in our regularly updated database of the best Starfield weapons.

Forget diplomacy, Starfield weapons are what you’ll use to do most of your business across the Settled Systems and there will be plenty of guns, melee weapons, and energy-based armaments to work with.

That’s why we’ve assembled this Starfield weapons database, offering a single destination for you to learn more about any weapon in the game’s arsenal. With a range of powerful filtering and sorting options, you can be sure you’ll find the Starfield gun of your dreams.

Here are all the Starfield weapons:

ImageWeaponWeapon TypeManufacturerAmmo TypeMagazine Capacity
AR-99AR-99RifleAllied Armaments11.75x45mm
CoachmanCoachmanShotgunLaredoShotgun Shell2
CutterHeavy weapon100
EquinoxEquinoxEnergy weaponCombatech20
Frag GrenadeThrowable
KnifeMelee weapon
Semi-Auto EONSemi-Auto EONPistolCombatech7.77x37mm12

Already found your favorite weapon? Start planning your Starfield build by checking out the list of Starfield skills and choosing your Starfield background, many of which offer powerful buffs to your weapon proficiencies.