Starfield locations

With over 1,000 planets there are going to be a lot of Starfield locations for spacefarers to discover as they journey across the Settled Systems

Starfield locations are map icons spread across the Settled Systems that the player can discover. Each location you arrive at will reward you with a set amount of XP. What’s still unclear is if discovered locations will become fast travel destinations as they have in previous Bethesda Game Studios releases – with space travel forming a major part of gameplay it seems unlikely that players will be able to skip it regularly. With at least 1,000 Starfield planets in the game, there could be a frankly ridiculous number of locations to discover.

Many locations will be ruled or controlled by one of the Starfield factions, while more remote planets may be inhospitable unless you kit your character out with the right Starfield skills. So if you want to be an explorer then make sure you survey all of the Starfield character creation options carefully.

We’ve speculated a bit, but here are all of the known Starfield locations:

Alpha Centauri

Alpha Centauri is a star system containing many planets. It’s a stronghold of the United Colonies faction and is made up of four main planets, some with multiple moons and satellites.

Starfield locations: a view of UC capital New Atlantis


Jemison is a rock-type planet with a temperate climate, abundant flora and fauna, and an atmosphere primarily composed of O2. This planet is also home to New Atlantis.

New Atlantis

The capital city of one of the most powerful factions, New Atlantis is where the United Colonies plans its political and military operations. Constellation can also be found here.

Constellation headquarters

Located in a quiet, overgrown corner of the city of New Atlantis, the Constellation headquarters can seemingly only be accessed with a Chronomark watch. Inside you’ll find a library-like main room with a mysterious artifact at its center.


This planet has a ring system and is quite large, but we know nothing about its climate or conditions.


This frozen ice moon orbits the planet of Olivas. Its water is heavy metal and its atmosphere is mostly made of CO2 – it has no flora or fauna.


This is referred to as a Goldilocks planet. It’s got moderate flora and fauna, a temperate climate, and is rock-type.


Narion is one of the many systems in Starfield, but so far we only know that it’s one of Alpha Centauri’s neighboring systems and contains at least one habitable planet.


This is the known habitable planet in the Narion system and is a moon of an unknown planet. In the Starfield gameplay trailer, the Spacefarer builds an outpost on Vectera. It appears to be very dry, cold, and barren, but likely has lots of resources.


Sol is close to Narion. No more information is known about this system.


No information is known about this system.


No information is known about this system.


No information is known about this system.

Vol II

Vol II is a system between Jaffa and Porimma that we think is home to the city of Neon and factions like Ryujin Industries and the Xenofresh Corporation.


Neon is a pleasure city on an unknown aquatic planet. Originally set up as a fishing station by the Xenofresh Corporation, it was transformed into a vacation destination when the company learned that the local fish contained a psychotropic drug that could be sold for more money. The domed city is home to many shops, bars, and clubs, as well as the Ryujin Industries faction.

The Vol II Hotel

Located on one of Neon’s bustling streets, the Vol II hotel is a place to stay for travelers.

Spaceport Terminal

You’ll arrive here when you first visit Neon.


We don’t know anything about this planet or the system it’s found in, but we do know that Kreet is one of its moons.


This planet is a moon of Anselon. It contains a couple of alien species and moderate flora but is generally a dry and barren planet. You’ll come across this planet during one of the earliest Starfield missions and battle a number of Crimson Fleet pirates here.

Kreet Research Lab

This is the only known named location on Kreet. It’s an abandoned research station that’s being ransacked by Crimson Fleet pirates. It’s got multiple rooms and levels, plus an external landing pad.

Moloch I

This appears for less than a second in the Starfield gameplay trailer, in which we see the player fighting a spidery crustacean called the Angler Hexapod. The surface of the planet is dry and dusty with mesa-like formations.

Alpha Andraste II

This appears for less than a second in the Starfield gameplay trailer, in which we see the player fighting a stegosaurus-like creature called a Diseased Siren. The surface of Alpha Andraste II has some greenery and plenty of rocks.

Lantana III

This appears for less than a second in the Starfield gameplay trailer, in which we see the player fighting a flying insectoid called a Metropus Floater. The surface of Lantana III is covered in thick clouds, but there are some visible elements of foliage like red-leaved bushes.


This city is home to the Freestar Collective faction and is a frontier-like settlement that’s walled off to protect its citizens from the Ashta, a predatory alien that’s described as a mix between a wolf and a velociraptor. The city was founded in 2167 by Solomon Coe.

The Rock

This appears to be a headquarters for the defenders of Akila. It has a statue of an Ashta in it.

Shepherd's General Store

A store in Akila that sells a variety of goods.

Rowland Arms

A store in Akila where you can buy Starfield weapons and ammo.

The Hitching Post

A bar in Akila.


A large, retro-looking hotel on an unknown planet.

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