Starfield NPC list

Every Starfield NPC revealed so far, plus information on where you can meet them, their background and personality, and if they can join your party.

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The current Starfield NPC list isn’t particularly long, but it’s taking shape with every new glimpse of the game. When we refer to NPCs in Starfield, we’re really talking about non-player characters who are named or unique. This covers quest-givers, merchants, enemies, townsfolk, faction leaders, and practically anyone you end up chatting with.

We’ve organized our Starfield NPC list by location and faction with unknowns in a miscellaneous section at the bottom. Some of these NPCs are companions that can travel with you across the map, so they are listed in their default location.

New Atlantis


You meet Sarah at the Constellation headquarters in New Atlantis. Bethesda has revealed that she and her fellow members of Constellation are some of the very first people you will meet as you begin your journey, so expect her to feature heavily in the game’s opening hours.

Starfield NPC from Akila city



Brogan is a named Crimson Fleet pirate found on the roof of the Kreet Research Lab during the Starfield gameplay trailer. It’s unclear at this point if Brogan has a more significant role than being a named enemy, much like the numerous named bandits we have seen in previous Bethesda titles.

Brogan is a level 6 pirate.


Adoring Fan

The Adoring Fan joins the player if you choose the Hero Worshipped trait. Fans of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion will recognise this NPC’s name from the 2006 game, in which you could earn the attention of a supremely annoying wood elf once you became grand champion of the arena.

Exactly how the Adoring Fan will function in Starfield remains to be seen, but it’s an early sign that Starfield traits will include some pretty interesting quirks in addition to the standard Starfield character creation options.


It’s not known how you meet Vasco, but it’s already clear that this NPC will play a major role in some players’ games. Vasco is one of a handful of Starfield companions who can join your party, and while it’s primarily a utility companion, Vasco can help out in combat too.


You meet Barrett on a landing pad on an unknown planet. We know from Bethesda that Barrett is an adventurer, scientist, explorer, and a friendly face you’ll meet in Constellation.

Pascual Logan

Pascual Logan is a Fleet Admiral in the United Colonies, making him a high-ranking figure in the Settled Systems’ single largest military and political force. In other words, expect him to be a major player in Starfield’s narrative.

While little is known of Logan so far, an easter egg in one of the first Starfield trailers featured a communication from him in which he seemed to be advocating a zero-tolerance policy towards the Crimson Fleet. He writes:

Also be advised that the “Crimson Fleet” is not a single organized entity or faction. Rather, it is a loose confederation of individual captains, all organized under the same banner.

Shown here is the symbol, or “jolly roger” they’ve adopted. Anyone displaying that symbol is assumed to be associated with the Crimson Fleet, and can be terminated at will.

John Tuala

Pascual Logan refers to Tuala as ‘Lieutenant at MAST for the Vanguard’. The nature of their relationship is unclear – it’s possible that he’s a close ally of Logan and the United Colonies or that he’s simply a merc on their payroll.

Kibwe Ikande

This commander can be found aboard the UC Vigilance, although we don’t know the exact location of this ship.

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