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With players looking for content expansion packs, what Starfield DLC will we see in the near future, and is there a Starfield season pass?

With Bethesda’s colossal science-fiction RPG now in our hands, plenty of you are turning your attention to the possibility of Starfield DLC. While we know at least one DLC content package is on the way, Bethesda has a long tradition of expanding its games long after its release date, so we’re thinking that Todd Howard might have a few tricks up his sleeve to unveil at a later date. Either way, we’ve gathered all the concrete information we know about potential Starfield DLC, plus a good chunk of speculation, in this guide.

Whether it’s an expansion of features, Starfield locations, or additional storylines and quests, we can’t wait to see what Bethesda has in store. Still, while we’re waiting for more information, why not cross off all the Starfield achievements as you tour the corners of the Settled System? That’s if you’re not spending too much time at the Astral Lounge.

Starfield Shattered Space - First Story Expansion

The Starfield Direct showcase announced the first Starfield DLC pack to be released will be the story expansion: Starfield Shattered Space. Following the launch of the game, we’re still not sure when the DLC is set to arrive, or how it might interact with the complexities of the Starfield New Game Plus mode. However, if you made the decision to pre order Starfield or purchase the collector’s edition, you will get access to the Shattered Space DLC when it is released, so it’s worth keeping an eye on the starting menu to see if there are any updates.

When will Starfield DLC release?

It’s not uncommon in the gaming industry for studios to work on DLC and expansion packs ahead of release. Just for reference, when Skyrim launched in November 2011, two small pieces of DLC arrived only three months later. Similarly, Fallout 3 and 4 saw DLC packages arrive within the first three to four months following release, and subsequently at least one every two months.

What does this mean for Starfield? With Starfield having arrived in September 2023, we could see the first DLC pack – Starfield Shattered Space – as early as December 2023 or January 2024. As soon as Todd Howard let’s us know what’s going on, we’ll be back to update this page.

Starfield DLC content speculation

It’s a bit early to say what content Starfield might receive in the months following release, but there are some common trends Bethesda has followed.

One we are almost certain to get is an expansion to Starfield outpost and settlement building. Skyrim saw it with Hearthfire, Oblivion with an array of player homes, and Fallout 4 with a number of workshop expansions. Given just how important resources are in modifying your ships, weapons, and armor, it would seem odd for Bethesda not to add to what will be a very popular feature.

Something less certain but more tangible could be a Starfield High Resolution Texture Pack to cram in graphical improvements for those with beefier computers, though you may want to check how you fare against the Starfield system requirements before investing in this DLC should it appear. There are also plenty of Starfield mods that can do this job for you now without having to wait for Bethesda.

Finally, story expansions. The Starfield Direct showcase unveiled the first story expansion to Starfield, but not to what it pertains. We currently have little to go off even after the big release date, so it’s impossible to predict what quests, characters, and features Bethesda might introduce further down the line. Fortunately, we have Reddit for that side of the wild speculation.

Starfield DLC season pass

Prior to launch, Bethesda announced not only that DLC would be coming – though they didn’t know what it would be – but that it would get a season pass if the value of the expansions exceeded $40. As we haven’t seen the first DLC pricing yet, we’re not sure how it all adds up, but we’re keeping a keen eye on the developer’s plans over the next few months.

With the Starfield map alone having a grander scale than any other before it in Bethesda’s history, if DLC is coming to Starfield, a season pass won’t be far behind. On the subject of maps, if you’re having trouble with those in-game, check out our interactive versions of the New Atlantis Map, Akila City Map, Neon map, and Cydonia map.

Starfield Creation Club DLC

Bethesda have announced official mod support for Starfield for early 2024 with the launch of the newly updated Creation Kit. This will bring a slew of mini-DLC packages by both Starfield developers, and passionate Starfield modders.

Introduced most heavily with Fallout 76 and then retroactively applied to Fallout 4 and Skyrim, the Creation Club has provided a platform for curated content in exchange for Bethesda’s own premium currency.

Contracting third-party developers and passionate modders could flesh out the Creation Club with mini-DLC when Bethesda brings this lucrative platform to their latest intellectual property.

There you have it, our Starfield DLC speculation and all the confirmed news so far. To prepare yourself for the challenges DLC content might hold, check out our guides to unique armor, unique weapons, legendary armor effects, and legendary weapon effects.

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