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Starfield ship components

If you’re looking for Starfield ship components, we’ve got the perfect guide for getting your spacecraft shipshape and ready for launch.

With Starfield ship components, you can build and customize some incredible Starfield ships to add to your fleet. Starfield ship customization is a big part of Bethesda’s space-faring RPG. Knowing what manufacturers and locations give the best Starfield ship parts is critical to making the best Starfield ship design.

Here are all of the known Starfield ship module categories you’ll use to customize your unique spaceship:

  • Bay – the landing bay which allows you to board and alight from your ship.
  • Cargo hold – space dedicated to storing resources and items.
  • Cockpit – the pilot’s seat, some cargo space, and crew slots.
  • Cowling – cowls and structural pieces to give your ship more shape and some more health.
  • Docker – module used to dock with other ships and space stations.
  • Engine – your engines and boosters.
  • Fuel tank – used for storing liquid and gas resources such as Helium-3.
  • Gravity drive – possibly the most important component, the grav drive lets you jump from system to system.
  • Hab – short for habitation units, these are the areas where you can house crew, furniture, and workstations.
  • Landing gear – stows and deploys your landing gear.
  • Reactor – the power source of your ship, which determines how many components you can power.
  • Shield generator – your first line of defense.
  • Weapons – your cannons, lasers, and missile systems.

Screenshot of all the Starfield ship component categories.

Starfield ship module database


Here is a list of every Starfield ship component:

Placeholder image for 10T Hauler Cargo Hold

What is Starfield ship customization?

Starfield ship customization allows you to swap Starfield ship components and parts in and out from a wide catalog of options spread over a range of categories from cockpits to landing gears to ship weapons.

Modules have highlighted nodes which allow you to snap each component together. If the module has an interior element, it will automatically adjust to better fill the space. For example, if you place a Hab module next to another and they share three nodes, only one will contain a door. This can make your ship into a bit of a maze, but experimenting with different components will let you better shape your ship.

If we were to advise anything in your designs, try not to have a single ladder that accesses more than two or three floors. A Spacefarer or two may have lost their lives falling through an open hatch.

A view of a Longsword I ship in the Starfield ship customization view for Starfield ship components guide

How does Starfield ship customization work?

The whole idea of Starfield ship customization is to give you an opportunity to choose what sort of ship you want to fly. It’s not all fun and games, though. You can’t just attach 11 lasers and leave it at that. You have to manage your ship’s power generation properly by either getting a really powerful reactor or taking a few Starfield skills like Aneutronic Fusion and Astrophysics.

If that sounds like a lot, that’s because it is, and there aren’t many in-game tutorials to hold your hand for shipbuilding. If you don’t know what to upgrade next, you can always make use of additional cargo space, and upgrading your reactor allows you to power up your weapons more easily.

There are plenty of exciting possible Starfield ship designs to create from basic builds from Starfield ship manufacturers, so a limitation on options doesn’t seem to be a problem.

With stats like cargo, speed, crew, jump range, and of course weapons, you can specialize your ship for the gameplay you want. Want to optimize your ship for cargo hauls? Bulk out on cargo space modules and jump range so you can get from one vendor to the next even faster. Looking for space combat? Customize your ship with laser, ballistic, and missile weapon systems, just don’t forget to top up your shields!

For an idea of what you might face on the planets your ship lands on, check out our guides to the Starfield map, and Starfield creatures. The in-game maps leave a little to the imagination, so feel to to try out our interactive Akila City Map and New Atlantis Map, too.

Where do I buy new ship components?

You can purchase Starfield ship components by visiting a ship technician on a populated planet. Cydonia on Mars, New Atlantis on Jemison, and Akila City on Akila all have ship technicians, so it’s worth a visit to one of these locations. You can also ask a technician to fix up your ship for 1000 credits, provided you’ve run out of ship parts to do the job yourself.