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Starfield armor mods

Your spacesuit and helmet might offer protection from bullets or acid, but you’ll need some Starfield armor mods to really make them shine.

Starfield armor mods allow you to customize the stats of your Starfield armor sets by buffing your base physical, energy, and electromagnetic resistances, providing additional environmental protection, or by giving special bonuses to your skills and abilities.


Here are all the Starfield armor mods:

Legendary mods give you further customization options, but are subject to randomization unless you install a Starfield mod that allows you to craft or salvage legendary effects.

How do Starfield armor mods work?

In order to create an armor mod, you’ll first need to complete a Starfield research project. Once you’ve completed the research, you can craft the mod directly onto your armor set at a spacesuit workstation to reap the benefits. You’ll find these spacesuit workstations aboard your ship if you attach Industrial modules, but you can also find them at your outposts, or at numerous locations around the galaxy.

Legendary Starfield armor mods

Legendary mods can be randomly found slotted into armor pieces that you find throughout your journey across the Settled Systems. Check our our full Starfield legendary armor effects list for a complete guide to these powerful buffs.

Unfortunately, you can’t remove legendary mods from anything you collect, meaning you’ll have to rely on RNG to get the most desirable effects on the armor pieces you favor.

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