Starfield New Atlantis map

Starfield's in-game maps aren't the best, so check our interactive Starfield New Atlantis Map to find NPCs, locations, and vendors.

Using our Starfield maps, finding NPCs, locations, and items has never been easier! The in-game surface map lacks a considerable amount of detail, and doesn’t even give you a rough layout of the city. That’s where our Starfield New Atlantis map comes in.

Whether you’re on desktop or mobile, our New Atlantis map documents every significant NPC, location, and item in Bethesda’s largest capital city to date.

New Atlantis is home to a whole host of key NPCs and locations, as well as hosting the headquarters of the Constellation faction. It’s here that you’ll first meet key players in the Starfield story, too, such as Sarah Morgan, Walter Stroud, and Noel.

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