Starfield resources

Starfield resources are the key to powering your base and picking up new weapons, so we’ve put together a guide detailing how to collect fuel and fauna.

If you’re going to explore space in style in Bethesda’s upcoming galactic RPG, you’re going to need Starfield resources. Whether it be for purchasing new parts for your ship or simply powering one of your many moon bases, resources are always an important part of any role-playing adventure, and it’s no different in Starfield.

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How many Starfield resources are there?

If there’s anything we know about Bethesda games, it’s that they’re always big on resources. For example, Skyrim has separate materials for enchanting, potion making, spell creation, and more. So, we’re expecting plenty of Starfield resources to assist with different mechanics, from powering Starfield base building to fuelling Starfield ship customisation. You can check both those guides for all the appropriate resources we know so far.

Still, there is plenty of mystery as to the entire collection of Starfield resources. We don’t know what the precious metals of the future universe are, as well as what they might be worth. In terms of Starfield currencies, one post on the Starfield Reddit from 2022 includes an image from a trailer of what appears to be a form of currency, but we don’t know what it is or how you can use it.

Screenshot of magical happenings with mysterious metals in Starfield for Starfield resources guide

How do I find Starfield resources?

As with other massive RPGs, we’re expecting plenty of different methods for finding new Starfield resources. We know for a fact that some resources are local to individual planets, like the narcotics of Neon, so it wouldn’t be a surprise to see some unique resources on specific planets or solar systems. Still, we also expect there to be common resources you can collect from many locations, like Skyrim’s soul gems, so check back for a complete list on this page closer to the game’s release.

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