Starfield missions

Starfield missions aren't just about pushing the narrative forward, they're a great way to earn quick chunks of XP and unique gameplay rewards

Completing Starfield missions is how you’ll progress through the Settled Systems. We’re used to calling them quests in other Bethesda Game Studios other games, but in Starfield Bethesda is going with missions, presumably to suit the less fantastical setting. The main mission will be roughly 20 percent longer than the main quest series of either Skyrim or Fallout 4.

Still, we can expect the mission system to be pretty familiar with a series of main missions, dozens and dozens of side missions, miscellaneous missions that aren’t listed fully in your log, and possibly even radiant missions. Like with Skyrim and Fallout 4, we expect the major Starfield factions and important Starfield NPC introductions to happen through the main missions.

Missions will be one of the best ways to quickly earn lump sums of XP, increasing your Starfield level so you can explore more of the Settled Systems. Naturally, many of the missions in Starfield will feature multiple outcomes and some will offer unique rewards, so following up on side missions can be a great way of expanding your arsenal, too.

Main missions

One Small Step

This is the only known Starfield mission and takes place in part on Kreet, Moon of Anselon. We don’t know the overall goal of the mission, but it sees the player clearing out a group of Crimson Fleet pirates who are raiding a Kreet Research Lab.

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