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Starfield romance

Find out how to date all the Starfield romance options, including Constellation leader Sarah Morgan and rugged explorer Sam Coe.

Starfield romance

If you’re heading into the expanse of space looking for Starfield romance, you’re in luck. There are four Starfield romance options, and we’ve got all the advice you need to turn a Starfield companion into your significant other.

You’ll need to spend some quality time with each of the four romance options before you can turn your friendship into a relationship, but it’s all worth it in the end. You can always use a few Starfield skills, and our romance guide below to speed things up.

All Starfield romance options

There are four Starfield romance options, and they’re more fully realized than any Bethesda game to date. There are no restrictions to relationships you can have in the Settled Systems, so you don’t have to select a sexuality when beginning the game. However, you can only romance one character at a time, as word gets around the galaxy fast, and none of the four romanceable NPCs appreciate two-timing astronauts.

The Starfield romance options are:

All four Starfield romance companions are from the Constellation faction, so you’ll meet all of them within the first few hours of playing Starfield.

Romance in Starfield is based on an invisible affinity meter that records the reactions from romanceable companions during your playthrough. Before you get to ‘Flirt’ or ‘Romance’ dialogue options with the NPCs, you generally want to try and impress them with responses that they like. Fortunately, Starfield does indicate whether these characters like or dislike your responses, so it’s just a case of thinking about an individual’s place in the universe and their belief system before responding to questions and replying in conversations. You can also boost your affinity by taking the Leadership skill.

Now, let’s look into the four Starfield romance options and how to make them your intergalactic date mate.

Screenshot of the Starfield NPC: Sam Coe.

How to romance Sam Coe

Sam Coe is an ex-space cowboy from Akila in the settlement of Akila City, but you first meet him with the rest of the Constellation gang at The Lodge in New Atlantis. Once you’ve invited Sam Coe along for the ride as your companion, it’s a good idea to pay close attention to Sam’s politics to keep offering responses that you think he might like. As an ex-member of the Freestar Collective, Sam respects anyone who can de-escalate a situation with Persuasion rather than engaging in combat, so he always responds positively to speech that leads to justice without excessive violence.

A very easy way to build your affinity with Sam is to treat his daughter, Cora Coe, really well. Bring Cora books when she asks, and Sam will appreciate the gesture.

After spending some time together traveling the galaxy, you get the option to ‘Flirt’ with this lone ranger. If you’re trying to romance him, flirting is always the way to go. Eventually, Sam asks you to help him out the with ‘Matters of the Hart‘ quest. To unlock your romantic potential with the space cowboy, you need to complete this mission. Once that’s done, keep up the charisma with Sam for long enough, and the Starfield romance experience steps into gear as you get closer than just crewmates.

Screenshot of the Starfield NPC: Sarah Morgan.

How to romance Sarah Morgan

The leader of Constellation, found often at The Lodge in New Atlantis, has quite the scientific mind, and Sarah Morgan‘s lust for adventure will likely fuel your budding romance with her. To impress Sarah and make it easier to start romancing her, your best bet is to reply to dialogue options with Sarah as a companion with charity and consideration in mind. She doesn’t appreciate it when you threaten innocents, so do your best to stay on the right side of the law when traveling with the Constellation chief.

Sarah is chiefly interested in the Artifacts, but after some time together hunting down these mysterious objects, you get the option to ‘Flirt’ with Sarah. She might be a little shy at first, saying she’s undeserving of your advances, but if you stick with her she’ll soon come around to see you as something more than just another companion. That is providing you finish the ‘In Memoriam’ quest, which is a pre-requisite quest Sarah assigns you to unlock her ‘Romance’ dialogue.

Screenshot of the Starfield NPC: Barrett.

How to romance Barrett

Barrett is the most charming and extroverted member of Constellation. If you invite him to join you on missions as your companion, however, you’ll learn that this polished exterior hides a more sensitive side. Be sure to stop for conversations when Barrett suggests a chat, opt for scientific answers where appropriate to prove you share a scientific mind, and select the ‘Flirt’ option wherever possible. Before long he should start talking to you about his ex, Ervin, before suggesting a quest. Complete the ‘Breach of Contact’ quest and a ‘Romance’ dialogue option should appear soon after.

Screenshot of Andreja for Starfield romance options guide

How to romance Andreja

Andreja is perhaps the most enigmatic member of Constellation, and there are many secrets in her past. Early on, Andreja will ask you to keep a secret from Vladimir Sall. If you choose to break her confidence, you will find it harder to get close to Andreja. If you decide to keep her secret, you’ll soon be able to invite Andreja on missions with you.

As you build up affinity and Andreja asks to speak with you, you’ll learn more about her background, and her true identity prior to joining Constellation. Continue to support her more independence-orientated lifestyle and reassure her anxieties of not belonging with Constellation, and you’ll unlock the ‘Flirt’ dialog options in no time. After talking for a while, Andreja invites you on a special quest, ‘Divided Loyalties’. Complete this short mission and you will be able to opt for ‘Romance’ options in dialogue.

Can you romance more than one companion in Starfield?

While you can ‘Flirt’ with multiple companions, once you click the ‘Romance’ option, you will start dating that specific NPC, and none of them take too kindly to two-timing. So, if you’re going to get into a romance with Sam Coe, Sarah Morgan, or one of the other options, be sure to stay true or you may offend your partner by trying to romance another.

How do you marry in Starfield?

Starfield romance options can lead to many things, and one of them is tying the knot with a trusted companion. Once you’re dating one of the four romanceable NPCs, you eventually get an option to have your very own Starfield marriage by proposing to your partner after growing closer. This will start a quest for each of the NPCs:

From here, you can invite some friends from around the universe to your wedding on Paradiso, unlocking more dialogue options for whoever your spouse may be.

Is there sex in Starfield?

Now we’ve had our hands on Starfield for a little while, we can confirm there is no sex in Starfield. Though the subject is occasionally alluded to in dialogue, the closest you’re going to get is waking up in the same bed as your romance companion. Unsurprisingly for a game all about the human experience, romance is based on a deeper connection in Starfield. Starfield drugs are a thing though, so if you need your vices, a trip to Neon might be in order.

There you have it, our guide to all the Starfield romance options. To find some nice places for a date within the Settled Systems, check out our Starfield map hub, with interactive versions of the Akila City Map, Cydonia map, New Atlantis Map, and more.