Starfield romance

It's official, there are a few Starfield romance options to choose from if you're a spacefarer seeking love, here's everything you need to know

Todd Howard has confirmed that there will be a few Starfield romance options available for amorous players seeking love on behalf of their spacefarer. Bethesda Game Studios has flirted with romance systems over the years, with shallow offerings in Oblivion, Skyrim, and Fallout 3. Fallout 4, however, offers a bit more depth and according to Todd Howard Starfield develops that even further.

Speaking with Lex Fridman, Todd Howard reveals that there are four romance options in Starfield, but they are considerably deeper than anything we’ve seen in a Bethesda Game Studios title before.

Here’s the full quote: “[Romance] is one of the things we’ve pushed in Starfield. We’ve got a number of companions, but for four of them we go into – I won’t say super complex romantic – but more complex relationships than we’ve had in terms of not just some state, like they like you or they don’t like you, but they can be in love with you, but dislike something you did and be pissed off at you temporarily, and then come back to loving you.

“In our previous games, you just work your way up, they like you more and more and more and more, and then you’re in a relationship. When you make them upset you drift out of the relationship like it never happened. We wanted a system where you can be in a relationship, we’re committed to each other in some way, but I just did something that really made you angry and as opposed to just drifting out of that status you’re in a temporary ‘I don’t like what you did’ state.”

Starfield romance: a woman relaxing in her room aboard a spaceship

Unfortunately, we don’t know the list of Starfield companions or potential romantic partners, but at least we know for sure that there will be romance options. We expect that how you choose to interact with a specific Starfield NPC or the various Starfield factions will have the biggest impact on how romantic partners will view you.

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