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Starfield planets

With 1694 Starfield planets to explore, we’ve compiled a galactic atlas of worlds, stars, and moons to help you chart your course

The Settled Systems are home to over 1000 Starfield planets – 1694 by our count. Planets are destinations you can visit using your Starfield ship, with each planet and moon hosting a range of Starfield locations, resources, cities, and NPCs. But, with more than 1000 planets to explore, finding the one you want can be a little tricky.

All Starfield planets



LunaraArgon, Benzene, Water, Neon


CheyenneArgon, Copper, Water

Agamon A

CheyenneArgon, Copper, Water

Agamon B

CheyenneCopper, Water

Agamon C

CheyenneArgon, Benzene, Water

Agamon D

CheyenneCopper, Water




CheyenneAluminum, Argon, Benzene, Cobalt, Water, Nickel

Al-Battani I

Al-BattaniIron, Helium-3

Al-Battani I-a

Al-BattaniAluminum, Beryllium, Helium-3

Al-Battani I-b

Al-BattaniAluminum, Beryllium, Helium-3

Al-Battani I-c

Al-BattaniIron, Helium-3, Tantalum

Al-Battani II

Al-BattaniCopper, Dysprosium, Water, Alkanes, Nickel, Lead

Al-Battani III

Al-BattaniCopper, Fluorine, Nickel, Lead, Palladium

Al-Battani III-a

Al-BattaniIron, Helium-3

Al-Battani III-b

Al-BattaniAluminum, Beryllium, Helium-3

Al-Battani IV

Al-BattaniChlorine, Iron, Water, Alkanes, Lead, Chlorosilanes

Al-Battani IV-a

Al-BattaniIron, Helium-3

Al-Battani IV-b


Al-Battani V

Al-BattaniIron, Helium-3

Al-Battani V-a

Al-BattaniAluminum, Beryllium, Helium-3, Neodymium

Al-Battani VI


Al-Battani VI-a

Al-BattaniCopper, Water

Al-Battani VI-b

Al-BattaniCopper, Water

Al-Battani VII


Al-Battani VII-a

Al-BattaniAluminum, Beryllium, Helium-3

Al-Battani VIII

Al-BattaniAluminum, Beryllium, Helium-3

Al-Battani VIII-a

Al-BattaniSilver, Water, Lead

Alchiba I

AlchibaCobalt, Nickel, Lead, Palladium

Alchiba II

AlchibaSilver, Iron, Alkanes, Iridium, Lead, Uranium

Alchiba II-a

AlchibaAluminum, Helium-3

Alchiba III


Alchiba III-a

AlchibaAluminum, Water, Helium-3, Lead, Tungsten

Alchiba III-b

AlchibaAluminum, Helium-3

Alchiba III-c

AlchibaAluminum, Beryllium, Cobalt, Water, Helium-3, Neodymium, Nickel, Platinum

Alchiba IV

AlchibaCopper, Water, Iridium, Lead, Uranium, Vanadium, Tetrafluorides

Alchiba IV-a

AlchibaArgon, Cobalt, Copper, Fluorine, Water, Nickel, Lead

Alchiba IX


Alchiba IX-a

AlchibaArgon, Water

Alchiba V

AlchibaArgon, Water, Iridium, Lead, Uranium

Alchiba V-a

AlchibaIron, Helium-3, Alkanes, Ytterbium

Alchiba VI


Alchiba VI-a

AlchibaGold, Copper, Fluorine, Water

Alchiba VI-b

AlchibaCopper, Water, Tetrafluorides

Alchiba VI-c

AlchibaCopper, Fluorine, Water

Alchiba VII


Alchiba VII-a

AlchibaCopper, Water

Alchiba VII-b

AlchibaChlorine, Cobalt, Copper, Water, Nickel, Lead, Tetrafluorides

Alchiba VII-c

AlchibaWater, Mercury, Lead

Alchiba VII-d

AlchibaWater, Lead

Alchiba VIII

AlchibaIron, Helium-3

Alchiba VIII-a

AlchibaWater, Lead

Alchiba VIII-b

AlchibaAluminum, Helium-3

Alchiba X


Alchiba X-a

AlchibaGold, Copper, Water

Alchiba X-b

AlchibaArgon, Benzene, Water, Lead

Algorab I

AlgorabIridium, Lead, Uranium

Algorab II

AlgorabArgon, Chlorine, Water, Lithium, Carboxylic Acids

Algorab III


Algorab III-a

AlgorabArgon, Water, Helium-3, Uranium

With a range of powerful filtering and sorting options, our database makes it easy to find the Starfield world you’re looking for – whether you’re searching for resource-rich planets to mine for crafting materials, or an isolated moon to get away from it all.

Struggling to find the system containing your dream planet? Check out our Starfield star map, an interactive Starfield map to help you navigate the Starfield universe.

Are there really 1694 Starfield planets?

By our count, there are 1694 planets among 121 unique star systems. Future Starfield DLC and Starfield mods could expand on this massively, but the current variety of planets is more than enough for anyone!

What Starfield planet biomes are there?

Each planet can spawn with a host of Starfield biomes from craters, to mountains, to wastelands, to plains, to forests, and more. While you can visit the coast and swim in the ocean, the one biome you cannot select as a landing destination is the ocean (until Starfield vehicles allow us to do so, should the Starfield modding community make it happen).

With each biome providing a home to specific resources, fauna, and flora, you can gather a number of organic Starfield resources by harnessing the local wildlife and plants if you put your mind to Starfield base building – just make sure you take the Zoology, Botany, and Outpost Engineering skills when doing so.

Exploring every biome can be incredibly rewarding and lucrative, potentially revealing a host of locales including crystalline caverns, bustling cities, arctic tundra, thick forests, and resource-rich but dusty craters. You are able to explore the whole planet, but you might want to focus on specific Starfield locations like New Atlantis, or procedurally generated structures which offer a wealth of loot, including the best weapons, armor, and more.

Found an amazing planet? Share your finds and screenshots in our Starfield forum, and see what other picturesque locations fans have discovered.