Starfield planets

There are over a thousand Starfield planets, so we’ve got a galactic atlas for you to cross off your most desired destinations.

With so many Starfield planets in Bethesda’s epic science fiction RPG, you can be forgiven for needing a little help getting to grips with a new universe. So, we’ve put together this guide detailing everything we know about the planets in Starfield so far, as well as what sort of locations we expect to pop up when the game finally launches.

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All the Starfield planets we know so far

As we’re still ahead of launch, we don’t know all the Starfield planets you can anticipate visiting, but we do know of a few. Below you can find each system or group of planets, as well as what we know inhabits them.

Screenshot of some Starfield planets inside the Alpha Centauri system

Alpha Centauri

The following planets belong to Alpha Centauri:

  • Chawla
  • Gagarin
  • Jemison
  • Olivas

Alpha Centauri seems to be the centre of the universe, with multiple Starfield factions calling operating in the system, including the Starfield Constellation and Starfield United Colonies groups. Jemison is home to New Atlantis, one of the many Starfield cities, but we don’t know quite as much about the other three worlds.


The following planets belong to Nairon:

  • Vectera

We only know a little about Nairon through the Starfield trailer detailing how the Starfield outpost mechanic works. Vectera appears to be one of Nairon’s moons, proving a perfect isolated place for you to set up camp and collect resources.


The following planets belong to Sol:

  • Mars

If you start missing home in Starfield, you can always pop back to our solar system with a quick visit to Sol. The only confirmed planet you can visit in Sol is Mars, so whether you can actually return to Earth is yet to be seen. It wouldn’t be a surprise to see Starfield’s version of our planet be a desolate wasteland, considering how far forward in the future the game is set.

Other planets

Through all the Starfield pre-release content, we’ve managed to spot some other planets, though we know considerably less about them.

  • Anselon – all we know about Anselon is that Kreet is one of its moons.
  • Kreet – a desolate place filled with Starfield creatures.
  • Nesoi – a place with evidence of human existence and renewable energy.
  • Cassiopeia I – an Earth-like planet from the Starfield gameplay trailer.
  • Tau Centi VIII-B – a planet that inhabits massive monsters that look like dinosaurs.

A ship passing by one of the Starfield planets

How many Starfield planets are there?

At 2022’s Bethesda showcase, Todd Howard revealed there are over 1000 planets inside of over 100 star systems in the upcoming RPG. Of course, that probably includes a fair few minnows and moons, but it also means you can really experience the depth of space. We’re hoping the next presentation from the team behind Starfield lets us know the exact number of worlds we can look forward to visiting.

We have seen the name of some other planets, like Charybdis III, but the clips from these locations don’t give us any indication of what the planet is like as they are set indoors. We also don’t know the names of the worlds that inhabit capital cities Neon and Akila City, but as soon as we do, we’ll be back to update this guide.

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