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Starfield legendary weapon effects

Our guide to all the Starfield legendary weapon effects has all you need to equip yourself with some of the best weaponry in the wider Settled Systems.

Starfield legendary weapon effects

If you’re looking for all the Starfield legendary weapon effects, you’re in the right place. With 32 possibilities to figure out which is the best in combat, you’re going to need to plan ahead when preparing for battle, so we’ve gone out to discover all the options. Unlike regular weapon modifications, legendary weapon effects offer specific bonuses and tweaks, such as incendiary or armor-piercing rounds. So, scroll down to find which Starfield legendary effect best suits the build you’re aiming for.

Legendary weapon effects are a big factor in some of the best Starfield builds, as well as if you’re trying to create a social, stealth, or samurai build. It’s also worth checking out the weapon-related skills, like Pistol Certification and Rifle Certification, or taking a look at the Starfield armor options to see how to ready yourself for combat.

All the Starfield legendary weapon effects

+10% damage against humans.

Deals double damage when gun bashing.

Does more damage the less armor one has.

Small chance to knock down targets.

Damage increases as health decreases.

Randomly deals corrosive damage and reduces the targets’ armor over 6 seconds.

Deals +30% damage on the next attack after hitting a target’s limbs.

Small chance to demoralize a target.

+20% damage against robots.

Randomly deals Corrosive, Radiation, Poison, and Incendiary damage.

Randomly switches to explosive rounds.

Extended Magazine
Doubles the base magazine capacity.

+30% damage against aliens.

Small chance to frenzy a target.

Each consecutive hit deals more damage.

Volatile rounds that are designed to pack a bigger punch, but aren’t as stable and can fail on occasion.

+15% damage while aiming.

Randomly deals incendiary damage.

Deals double damage to targets with full health.

Randomly applies a bleed effect to the target.

Med Theft
Chance that humans drop extra Med Packs on death.

One Inch Punch
Rounds fire in a shotgun-like spread.

Hold-breath time when aiming using a scoped weapon is increased.

Randomly deals poison damage and slows the target.

Randomly deals radioactive damage and demoralizes the target.

+25% increase in attack speed.

Break through even the strongest armor.

Skip Shot
Every fourth shot fires two projectiles at once.

+30% damage while in space, and -15% damage while on a planet.

Small chance to stagger enemies.

Rounds will sometimes emit electricity where they land that damages and slows nearby targets.

Titanium Build
Premium build materials make this weapon light as a feather.

What are Starfield legendary weapon effects?

Starfield legendary weapon effects are special bonuses attached to weapons you find throughout the game. Unlike unique weapons, you can find standard equipment with legendary weapon effects, upgrading the capabilities of something like the base model Grendel or Equinox. You can always tell if something is a legendary weapon as both its frame and text are yellow in your inventory, and all legendary weapons have legendary weapon effects.


What are the best Starfield legendary weapon effects?

While we’re still detailing all the possible Starfield legendary weapon effects, there are a few we can recommend using if you find them attached to a weapon in the early game. Check out the bullet points list below for our recommendations.

  • Rapid – +25% increase in attack speed.
  • One Inch Punch – Rounds fire in a shotgun-like spread.
  • Extended Magazine – Doubles the base magazine capacity.

There you have it, our guide to the Starfield legendary weapon effects. For more in-game assistance, check out our Starfield beginner tips.