Starfield armor

Starfield armor can offer a lot more than protection against aliens and incoming bullets, it can also save you from hazards on inhospitable planets

Starfield armor isn’t just about how your character looks when exploring or fighting, it can protect you from incoming damage and even make exploration possible in otherwise lethal environments.

We’ve seen a ton of armor options, including recognizable armor pieces for the numerous Starfield factions, but we don’t have any official names or stats to analyze just yet. We have also seen that you can upgrade your armor using the Starfield Research Laboratory.

Crucially, armor can make some Starfield locations accessible. Much like in Fallout 4, Starfield armor can also offer environmental protection buffs to help you survive on less hospitable planets. This has been confirmed by Todd Howard in an interview with Lex Fridman. Among the environmental elements that Todd lists are gases, toxicity, and extreme temperatures.

Other factors that are likely to affect your survivability could be radiation and gravity, but we have not seen these represented in-game yet.

Starfield armor will help you survive hazardous environments

We’ll update this guide as soon as we have seen full armor stats and sets, so in the meantime here are some of the Starfield weapons, traits, and backgrounds that will also impact your combat effectiveness.

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