Starfield Shattered Space DLC

The first Starfield expansion pack has been announced: Starfield Shattered Space - the first story expansion.

Starfield Shattered Space is the first official DLC pack for Starfield. It wasn’t too surprising to see Bethesda announce a DLC option for Starfield during the June 2023 showcase, having similarly announced DLC for their previous titles shortly before their respective release dates. Now the game is with us, we’re very excited about what might be in store in the first DLC for the game.

Before the DLC arrives, it’s a good idea to get accustomed to the world of Bethesda’s latest epic RPG. We can help you out there, with our Starfield map hub, where you can find interactive versions of the Akila City Map, Neon map, Cydonia map, and more. Or, if you’d rather concentrate on leveling up for the possible challenges at hand, see our guide to Starfield XP farming.


What is Starfield Shattered Space?

Starfield Shattered Space is the first story expansion, revealed during the Starfield Direct showcase of June 2023. At present, very little is known about Shattered Space other than the name of the expansion.

However, taking the name literally – Shattered Space – could imply several things:

  • This could be a time-traveling DLC that takes you back to the destruction of Earth.
  • There’s a chance that the implications of Starfield’s New Game Plus mode cause the shattering of space.
  • The game could get even more multiversal by introducing characters we think we know in new forms and with different experiences.

Once we know more, we will be back to update this page. If you have some of your own thoughts on what the DLC might consist of, be sure to let us know over at our Starfield forum.

Starfield Shattered Space release date

Available as part of several pre order bonuses and the Starfield collector’s edition, Starfield Shattered Space likely won’t be available to play until three to six months after the initial release date of the base game in September. With the base game now available to play, there’s no update on a possible launch date for the DLC content, but we’re keeping our eyes on all the Bethesda social media accounts for the latest updates.

However, the “First Story Expansion” hints that several more are in the works. Historically, Bethesda has released two or three story expansion mods for Elder Scrolls and Fallout titles, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see just as many in Starfield over the coming year.

With no official release date for the Starfield Shattered Space DLC pack, you’ve got plenty of time to master the universe in your own way. Or, check out our Starfield mods guide to find some non-official content to keep things interesting as you rocket around the Settled Systems.

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