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Starfield console commands and cheats

Our fully searchable list of all Starfield console commands and cheats has everything you need to summon items, fix bugs, and more.

Starfield console commands and cheats

Starfield console commands and cheats allow you to bypass missions, summon items, teleport you to specific locations, and even fix bugs! If you’re playing on PC, you can use console commands to do pretty much anything, which is why we’ve collected a full list of Starfield cheats and commands for you to use.

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All Starfield console commands

With our full list of Starfield console commands, there’s nothing you can’t do! From gifting yourself with unlimited items, to quickly leveling up, you can find the best Starfield console commands below.

Starfield cheat Console command Command effect
God mode tgm Toggles god mode on and off, making you invulnerable, giving you infinite ammunition (provided you have at least one bullet in your inventory), uncapping your carry weight limit, and allowing your ship to grav jump anywhere
Immortal mode tim Toggles immortal mode on and off, giving you infinite health, but not preventing you from taking damage (useful for grinding specific Starfield skill challenges)
Free cam mode tfc Toggles the free cam mode, allowing you to fly around the map and reach any height. Useful for scouting a location, but take note that going to far can result in PC performance issues.
Add item player.additem (item_ID) (quantity) Adds any Starfield item to your inventory. Simply replace the item_ID with the weapon, armor, item, or consumable code you require, and replace the quantity with a numerical value.
Add 1 million Credits player.additem 000000f 1000000 Adds 1 million Credits. Simply add a few 0s to get even more!
Spawn entity player.placeatme (Item ID) (Value) This is one of the more creative Starfield console commands you can use to spawn any NPC, creature, or item. It’s particularly useful for Starfield romance, as you can use it to easily spawn your NPC companions to your location without having to go looking for them.
Pay off crime bounty player.paycrimegold 0 0 (Faction ID) You can pay off bounties to specific factions with this console command, plus keep any stolen objects they might be hunting you down for. If you don’t want to waste any time rotting away in space jail, keep this command close to hand.
Add experience player.modav experience (quantity) Adds a set amount of experience to your character, allowing you to reach the Starfield max level with just one command, if you so choose.
Add 50000 experience player.modav experience 50000 Adds 50000 Starfield experience to your character.
Character editor showlooksmenu player 1 If you’re not happy with the results of your character creation choices, you can easily reset your options with this console command. From here, you can reset your name, appearance, background, and traits.
Resurrection command resurrect The reverse of the kill command, select an entity and use this command in the console window to bring them back to life.
Unlock command unlock Though a bit fiddly, you can open the console command window, select a container or applicable object with your mouse, and type in the “unlock” command to bypass the digipicking requirement.
Kill command kill If you select an entity from the console command window with your mouse, you can type in and enter the “kill” command to instantly defeat that enemy. Very useful if you are having difficulty in a specific area or if you run out of ammunition and healing items when facing an enemy like the Terrormorph.
Stealth command tdetect This command toggles NPC and enemy detection capabilties, effectively allowing you to go unnoticed without using the Stealth skill.
Toggle character collision tcl Sometimes your character might get stuck, and fast traveling away or reloading your save isn’t an option. In these cases, use the tcl command to toggle collision off and on, and phase through any obstacles in your way.
Toggle aggression tcai Find the AI too combatative? Turn off the aggression with the tcai command. Particularly useful if you find NPCs hostile for no reason, locking you out of progression.
Unlock all Starfield powers psb This command unlocks every Starfield power at once, removing the need to discover and visit every Temple.
Add Starfield skill player.addperk (perk_id) Simply replace the perk_id with the skill you require to unlock that skill, or increase its rank without completing the rank-up challenge.
Remove Starfield skill player.removeperk (perk_id) This command removes one rank from a skill with each use. Be warned, it will not refund the skill point you used to unlock this skill.
Add digipicks player.additem 000000a (quantity) Adds as many digipicks as you require. It’s unlikely you’ll ever need more than 100, but fortunately digipicks have no mass, so you can carry around as many as you like!
Change player carry weight player.setav carryweight (quantity) With this command, you can set your carry weight limit to an insane threshold, much more than any skill or armor mod can allow. Want to carry over 1000 mass? Change your carry weight to 1200.
Set player level player.setlevel (desired level) This command lets you set your player level to any desired point. However, trying to set your level to a specific point has been known to cause bugs because your overall experience doesn’t increase with it. So, we advise using the “Add experience” command instead.
Unlock all map markers. tmm 1 Unlock every location on the planet and enable you to fast travel to them. Warning, this command cannot be reversed, and has been known to cause bugs.
Kill all hostiles kah Unlike the killall command, this command specifically kills all NPCs that are in a hostile state.
Show high resolution height data ShowHighMaxHeights You’re unlikely to use this command unless you’re planning to fly high above a city for a screenshot. This command shows you what the maximum height is that you can travel before high resolution textures begin to despawn. This is a debug command, and so not very useful for actualy gameplay.
Enable story manager logging EnableStoryManagerLogging This debug command helps with the diagnosis of faulty missions and scripts that require various conditions to be completed in order to progress a story event. If enabled, Starfield will write the logs of these events to %USERPROFILE%/My Games/Starfield/Logs/StoryManager
Kill all killall Kills every enemy and NPC around you. Be very careful where you use this, as it can clear entire cities in one go.
Set player speed player.setav speedmult (quantity) Your default speed value is 100, so use a higher number to go faster, or a lower number if you want to slow your character down.
Set player maximum health player.setav health (quantity) With this cheat, you can set your maximum health to any value and make yourself the squishiest or the spongiest character in Starfield, as you so desire.
Sex change sexchange Allows you to switch from one sex to the other and reset your appearance at the same time. However, you may find it easier to visit an ENHANCE genetics facility in any major city rather than use this command.
Open the wait menu showmenu sleepwaitmenu Opens a menu where you can wait for however many hours you wish. You can also achieve this effect by going to any bed or chair.
Apply weapon mod (ref_id).amod (omod_id) First, drop the weapon you want to modify on the ground and select it in the search console to get the (ref_id). Then, enter the command after replacing the (omod_id) with the mod you want to alter your weapon.
Remove weapon mod (ref_id).rmod (omod_id) First, drop the weapon you want to modify on the ground and select it in the search console to get the (ref_id). Then, enter the command after replacing the (omod_id) with the mod you want to alter your weapon.
Reload materials reloadmaterials Refreshes all materials in the nearby area.
Toggle UI tm Allows you to hide or show the UI overlay. You can also achieve this affect by going to the settings menu and making the UI transparency 0% or 100%.
Start all quests saq Note: this command has an exceedingly high chance of crashing your game and not working correctly. This command begins all missions, which involves triggering a huge number of setstage commands, and will forcefully teleport the player character to load predetermined and quest-specific environments. Use at your own peril!
Complete all quests caqs Similar to the saq command, caqs will attempt to complete all missions. This has a lower chance of crashing your game, but still runs a high risk due to the number of quest flags it has to process all at once.
Dump papyrus stacks dumppapyrusstacks (dps) Dumps Papyrus stack information to the log.
Dump papyrus timers dumppapyrustimers Dumps Papyrus timer registrations to the log.
Dump papyrus distance events dumppapyrusdistanceevents Dumps Papyrus distance event registrations to the log.
Dump papyrus lose events dumppapyruslosevents Dumps Papyrus LOS event registrations to the log.
Dump papyrus persistence information dumppapyruspersistenceinfo (dppi) Dumps everything in Papyrus persisting the reference called on, or passed.
Dump papyrus event registrations dumppapyruseventregistrations Dumps Papyrus event registrations for the object and script.
Run compaction runcompaction Runs a pass of compaction if possible.
Debug subgraph setsubgraphtodebug Sets subgraph to debug mode.
Toggle controller rumble enablerumble Toggle controller rumble (vibration) on or off.
Toggle Havok CDB capture havokvdbcapture Toggles Havok CDB capture.
Toggle navmesh info togglenavmeshinfo Toggles a view mode similar to map camera and displays navmesh information.
Play sync animation playsyncanim Play Sync Anim.
Set form unknown setformunknown Sets the known flag on a form.
Debug quest setdebugquest (quest_id) Sets the quest to be the only one startable from its event type.
Toggle quest logging setquestaliaslogging Turn alias logging on or off.
Set entity’s race setrace Sets the selected entity’s race to the desired type, eg. terrormorphrace.
Find form findford (find) Find a form.
Start papyrus script profiling startpapyrusscriptprofile (startpsp) Start profiling a Papyrus script.
Stop papyrus script profiling stoppapyrusscriptprofile (stoppsp) Stop profiling a Papyrus script.
Start papyrus script profiling on a form startpapyrusrusformprofile (startpfp) Start profiling Papyrus scripts on a form.
Stop papyrus script profiling on a form stoppapyrusformprofile (stoppfp) Stop profiling Papyrus scripts on a form.
Toggle papyrus global profiling togglepapyrusglobalprofiler (tpgp) Toggle Papyrus global profiling on or off.
Print mission state information printquestsceneinfo Prints to the quest information file the current state of scenes.
Query actor vulnerability isinvulnerable Is the actor vulnerable?
Toggle mesh collision collisionmesh Toggle mesh collision info on or off.
Toggle Bhkworld Havok step info havokworldstep (hws) Toggle Bhkworld Havok step info on or off.
Render selected object in isolation isolaterendering Enable isolated rendering for selected object.
Toggle water current geometry togglewatercurrentgeometry Displays or hides water current geometry.
Perform action performaction Performs the specified action on the selected actor.
Enable tracking of player-activated teleport doors starttrackplayerdoors Starts tracking player-activated teleport doors.
Disable tracking of player-activated teleport doors stoptrackplayerdoors Stops tracking player-activated teleport doors.
Compare player path with quest target path checkplayerdoors Compares the tracked player path with the quest target path.
setinchargen setinchargen Toggles chargen mode on or off [savingdisabled] [waitingdisabled] [activationmessagedisabled].
forcereset forcereset Force the game to reset.
forceclosefiles forceclosefiles Close the master file and plugins.
hotloadplugin (hlp) hotloadplugin (hlp) Load or reload the named plugin.
generatebendablespline (spline) generatebendablespline (spline) Generates a bendable spline geometry instance.
reload (script) reload (script) Reloads the Papyrus script.
testaim testaim Test an actor’s aim.
testlook testlook Test an actor’s looking.
pushcamera pushcamera Push camera to editor.
movetoeditorcamera movetoeditorcamera Move to the editor camera.
movetoeditorselection movetoeditorselection Move to the editor selection.
placefurnituretester (pft) placefurnituretester (pft) Place actor who will use the selected furniture.
dumpconditionsfunctions dumpconditionsfunctions Output the current counters for condition function calls.
reloadanimationgraphs reloadanimationgraphs Reload the currently loaded animation graphs.
toggleweaponoverlay toggleweaponoverlay Toggle the weapon overlay on or off.
forcedetect forcedetect Forces the selected actor to detect the specified actor.
changeanimarchetype (caa) changeanimarchetype (caa) Change the selected actor’s anim archetype.
changeanimflavor changeanimflavor Change the selected actor’s anim flavor.
setangrywithplayer setangrywithplayer Set the angry with player flag.
forcerepath forcerepath Force the actor to repath.
forcepathfailure forcepathfailure Force the actor’s path to fail.
dumpformlist dumpformlist Dump the contents of given formlist to the console output.
traceanimationevents traceanimationevents Trace an actor’s animation vents.
showmods showmods Show all property mods on an object.
dumpinputenablelayers dumpinputenablelayers Dumps all currently used input enable layers to the console.
attachmod attachmod Attach a mod to an object.
removemod removemod Remove a mod from an object.
spawntemplatedobject spawntemplatedobject Spawn a ref to a templated object.
callfunction callfunction Call a Papyrus function on the targeted object.
callquestfunction (cqf) callquestfunction (cqf) Calls a Papyrus function ona quest.
callglobalfunction (cgf) callglobalfunction (cgf) Calls a global Papyrus function.
resetinputenablelayer resetinputenablelayer Reset all control disables on a specific input enable layer.
forceenableplayercontrols (fepc) forceenableplayercontrols (fepc) Force-enables the player’s controls regardless of layers.
resetforceenabledplayercontrols resetforceenabledplayercontrols Resets all force-enabled player controls.
getactorrefowner getactorrefowner Prints the owner of the currently selected reference.
setactorrefowner (saro) setactorrefowner (saro) Sets ownership of the current object to the specific actor or player.
hasactorrefowner (haro) hasactorrefowner (haro) Returns 1 if the currently selected objects has an owner, or 0 otherwise.
setoutfit setoutfit Change the default outfit.
passtime (hours) passtime (hours) Passes the specified number of hours.
linklocations linklocations Links two locations.
showlinkedlocations showlinkedlocations Outputs all locations linked to the given one.
setlinkedref setlinkedref Links the current ref to the given one.
resetcontainer resetcontainer Resets the selected container.
setscenefordebug setscenefordebug Sets the current debug scene.
preloadexterior preloadexterior Preloads exterior data for the current object.
testpath testpath Debug function to test a path.
togglecontrolsoverlay togglecontrolsoverlay Toggles controls overlay.
refresh refresh Rebug function to refresh.
dynamicresolution dynamicresolution Change the dynamic resolution settings.
testloadingmenu testloadingmenu Debug function to open or close the loading menu.
recalcinstancedata recalcinstancedata Debug function to recalculate the instance data.
togglereferencepose togglereferencepose Toggles forcing an animgraph for the selected actor to be in the reference pose.
setpersistlocation setpersistlocation Debug function to set the persist location.
setlocationreftype setlocationreftype Debug function to set the location ref type.
showlocdata showlocdata Debug function to show location data.
reserveloc reserveloc Debug function to reserve a location.
undateawakesound (uas) undateawakesound (uas) Update selected actor’s currently conscious loop.
setharvested setharvested Mark the current reference as harvested.
pausescene pausescene Pause or unpause the scene.
spawndupe spawndupe Make a duplicate.
disabledistantreferences disabledistantreferences Disable references more than a certain distance away.
fireassert fireassert Fire an assert.
forcepersistent forcepersistent Force a reference to become persistent.
playactioncamera (pac) playactioncamera (pac) Play this action camera on the reference.
stopactioncamera stopactioncamera Stop the action camera.
changestance changestance Change actor’s stance.
auditionwwiseevent auditionwwiseevent Set of commands for auditioning Wwise events.
auditionreverbform auditionreverbform Force a reverb form to be active.
setwwisestate setwwisestate Set a global Wwise state.
buildanimationdaa buildanimationdaa Build the animation data for the actor.
switchskeleton switchskeleton Toggle between standard and chargen skeletons.
gethelloorgreeting gethelloorgreeting Print the info for an actor’s hello.
setbonetintregion setbonetintregion Add bone tint data to object’s 3D given a region ID of that object.
senddialogueevent senddialogueevent Send a dialogue event for the selected and target actor.
setforcespeechchallengealwayssucceed (1/0) setforcespeechchallengealwayssucceed (1/0) Make all speech challenges automatically succeed.
setforcespeechchallengealwaysfail (1/0) setforcespeechchallengealwaysfail (1/0) Make all speech challenges automatically fail.
runmaterialsanalysis runmaterialsanalysis Compares the materials of the selected reference.
capturemessages capturemessages Capure debug string and user messages using a message event listener.
toggletrijuice toggletrijuice Toggle Trijuicing in the renderer.
setpresentthreshold setpresentthreshold Set percentage of scanlines covered before swap threshold is hit.
linkfullaccount linkfullaccount Link full Bnet account to game account.
isloggedin isloggedin Is the player logged in to Bethesda.net?
getlegaldocsx getlegaldocsx Retries all legal documents.
acceptlegaldoc acceptlegaldoc Accepts a legal document.
getdataattachment getdataattachment Prints data from Bethesda.net profile data attachment.
deletedataattachment deletedataattachment Deletes Bethesda.net profile data attachment.
uploadcharacterdata uploadcharacterdata Uploads character data playload as Bnet profile data attachment.
getattachmentleaderboard getattachmentleaderboard Gets attachment leaderboard page.
loaduniteddata loaduniteddata Gets character data from leaderboard and caches it.
makeunitynpc makeunitynpc Updates NPC with data from unity cache.
setvolumetriclighting parameters setvolumetriclighting parameters Set volumetric lighting parameters.
startworkshop startworkshop Enter workshop mode.
togglevblankoptim togglevblankoptim Toggle VBlank optim.
addkeyword addkeyword Adds the given keyword.
removekeyword removekeyword Removes the given keyword.
setambientparticlesenabled setambientparticlesenabled Enables or disables ambient particles.
removeoutpost removeoutpost Removes the outpost and all built items.
setesramsetup setesramsetup Forces specific ESRAM setup.
callstacktracedepth callstacktracedepth Set the callstack depth when tracing it.
commandedactivated commandedactivated Commands actor to use reference.
enablegalaxymode enablegalaxymode Enables/disables galaxy mode.
togglestarfielddebut togglestarfielddebut Toggle Starfield debug on or off.
setstarfieldcoordinatescale setstarfieldcoordinatescale Set the Starfield coordinate scale.
setstarsystemscale setstarsystemscale Sets the star system scale.
movetoplanet movetoplanet If target player ship, move or give path to pilot to target.
setorbitspeedscale setorbitspeedscale Set global orbit speed scale.
instancenamingrules instancenamingrules Export instance naming rule data to file INRExport.txt.
gerorbismodinfo gerorbismodinfo Prints info relating to Orbis mod game data files.
togglescenedebug togglescenedebug Show debug state for scene.
setfarclip setfarclip Set far clip value.
toggleoverdraw toggleoverdraw Toggle overdraw.
recordscene recordscene Capture screenshots of scene.
landonplanet landonplanet Land on a planet.
takeofftospace takeofftospace Take off to space.
previewbodyresources previewbodyresources Previews resources for a planet.
sendaffinityevent sendaffinityevent Runs an affinity event on an optional object reference.
addpower addpower Add power.
removepower removepower Remove power.
matlockcapture matlockcapture Force matlock to realize a capture.
togglesnapnodemarkers togglesnapnodemarkers Toggle snap node markers.
setvoicetype setvoicetype Set an override voice type on an actor.
addworldspacetoplanet addworldspacetoplanet Add world space to a planet.
debugdataprovider debugdataprovider Sets the name of the UI data provider to debug.
loadall3d loadall3d Load all queued 3D.
printallmenus printallmenus Print all active menus.
printallinputcontext printallinputcontext Print the input context stack.
addplottobody addplottobody Plot a route to this body.
reloadfacedata reloadfacedata Reload face data.
setgravityscale setgravityscale Set the gravity scale.
previewblock previewblock Preview block.
exportterraintextures exportterraintextures Exports terrain textures.
exportterraingrids exportterraingrids Exports terrain grids.
exportterrainheightmap exportterrainheightmap Export terrain height map.
exportterrainmaterialindexmap exportterrainmaterialindexmap Export terrain material index map.
exportterrainfiles exportterrainfiles Export terrain files.
updateterrainclipmaps updateterrainclipmaps Refresh terrain clip maps.
setworkshipitem setworkshipitem Set the workshop menu’s cursor to the currently selected reference.
generatenavmesh generatenavmesh Generates nav-mesh on the current cell.
landonplanetanimated landonplanetanimated Land your spaceship with an animation.
startnewgame startnewgame Start a new game without the UI.
forcedbleedout forcedbleedout Force an actor to enter bleedout.
landonplanetmarket landonplanetmarket Land at a marker on a selected planet.
setlocaltime setlocaltime Sets the local time on the current planet.
settestplanetandbiome settestplanetandbiome Sets a test planet and biome.

For a full list of Starfield weapon IDs, armor IDs, item IDs, consumable IDs, and even ship IDs, check out our individual databases where you can get a ready-made command for use in-game.

For Starfield skills and traits, you can find all the perk_ids on the individual pages with a ready-to-go command.

In fact, we’ve tried to include the most useful console command on every individual database entry, allowing you to get what you want in an instant.

How do you enter commands in Starfield?

If you’re on PC, all you need to do is press the apostrophe key (‘) or the tilde (~) key to open the console command (this can be changed in the keybindings section of the settings menu). Entering the console command window will pause the game and cover the bottom portion of the screen with a text box where you can input your Starfield console commands.

When entering commands, make sure you enter them exactly as we’ve written them to avoid any syntax errors. Fortunately, commands are rarely case-sensitive, but it doesn’t hurt to be as accurate as possible.

It’s highly advised that you save your game BEFORE using any console commands, just in case you experience any issues.

Can you still get achievements if you use console commands?

Opening the Starfield console command menu will not disable Starfield achievements. However, using specific console commands will disable achievements, and add the (modded) suffix to your savegame.

To bypass this, you can reload a save you created before you used a console command. However, this can defeat the purpose of console commands, especially when used for perfectly legitimate reasons such as getting unstuck from a bugged quest or location that an update or the Starfield Community Patch has yet to fix. So, the best way to prevent console commands from disabling achievements is to download an achievement enabler Starfield mod.

If you’ve found a console command you can’t live without, tell us all about it in our Starfield forum. Or, if you’re struggling with the in-game spacecraft, check out our Starfield ships hub, with individual guides on ship manufacturers, ship designs, and ship components.