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Boom Pop! Rhubarb

Where to find Starfield Boom Pop! Rhubarb, all Boom Pop! Rhubarb locations, and the consumable’s effects.

Boom Pop! Rhubarb
Item Code 002C71F7
Heals For 2
Mass 0.3
Value 75

Boom Pop! Rhubarb description

Rhubarb-flavored Boom Pop! soda.

Boom Pop! Rhubarb overview

The Starfield Boom Pop! Rhubarb is one of many Starfield consumable items you can find in the Settled Systems. Sitting in the Food and Drink category, one unit of Boom Pop! Rhubarb has a mass of 0.3 and a base value of 75.

Consuming Boom Pop! Rhubarb restores 2 points of health.

Where to find Boom Pop! Rhubarb

You can find Boom Pop! Rhubarb in the following locations:

You can also acquire this consumable from:

Boom Pop! Rhubarb console command

If you want to add Boom Pop! Rhubarb to your inventory, open the Starfield console command window and enter the following:

player.additem 002C71F7

If you want more than one Boom Pop! Rhubarb, add the quantity you require (eg. 3) after the item_id.

Eg: player.additem 002C71F7 100