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Ship Parts

Where to find Starfield Ship Parts, all Ship Parts locations, and the consumable’s effects.

Ship Parts
Mass 0.5
Value 295

Ship Parts description

Used to repair spaceship hull damage, Starfield ship parts are an incredibly expensive Med Pack for your Starfield ship. Finding and stockpiling ship parts is essential to staying alive in the long-term, particularly if you encounter a lot of space battles (a high likelihood if you took the Wanted trait).

Ship Parts overview

The Starfield Ship Parts is one of many Starfield consumable items you can find in the Settled Systems. Categorized as Utility, the Ship Parts has a mass of 10 and has a base value of 1250.

Using Ship Parts confers the following effects:

EffectEffect Duration
Repairs 4% Ship Hull per second10 seconds

Where to find Ship Parts

You can find Ship Parts in the following locations:

You can also acquire this consumable from:

Aside from purchasing Ship Parts, you have a good chance of scavenging parts from spaceship wrecks, though this could cost you ship parts in repairs if you’re planning on farming ship parts this way.

Attempting to board enemy vessels nets you a higher chance of finding ship parts, as you’ll be able to loot their cargo hold. Should you then destroy the enemy ship after you undock, you further increase your chances of looting ship parts.