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Ecliptic Mercenaries

Starfield’s Ecliptic Mercenaries are a minor faction of heavily-armed guns for hire, and a potential threat to the Settled Systems.

Ecliptic Mercenaries
Faction Types Minor faction
Joinable No

Originally seen during the “Starfield – Settled Systems” behind the scenes footage, Starfield’s Ecliptic Mercenaries are a minor faction of guns for hire. Even the United Colonies employ them, though never officially.

Who are Starfield’s Ecliptic Mercenaries?

Throughout human history, mercenaries have always played their part in war. In Starfield, the Ecliptic Mercenaries fulfil a similar role for many of the Starfield factions.

Ecliptic Mercenaries quests

The Ecliptic Mercenaries faction provides a number of unique Starfield faction quests with unique rewards and objectives.

Here are all the known Ecliptic Mercenaries faction missions:

Ecliptic Mercenaries locations

The Ecliptic Mercenaries faction has a presence in the following systems:

How to join the Ecliptic Mercenaries

At present, it does not appear that you can join the Ecliptic Mercenaries.