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Dragonstar Force Vol 3

Where to find Starfield Dragonstar Force Vol 3, and everything there is to know about Dragonstar Force Vol 3.

Dragonstar Force Vol 3
Mass 0.5
Value 195

Dragonstar Force Vol 3 description

A tale of woe and revenge! After torturing Zeffrex Laserbrand’s brother, and ruthlessly killing him by sending him into a black hole, Sarrklon is led directly to our heroes’ hideout. Now, held captive beneath the surface of the water planet, Harglys V, things look grim for the Dragonstar Force! Will they escape with the help of their new friend, Montelvaughn, or will he turn against them in their time of need?

Dragonstar Force Vol 3 overview

The Starfield Dragonstar Force Vol 3 is one of many Starfield items found in the Settled Systems. Classed as Notes, a single Dragonstar Force Vol 3 has a mass of 0.3 and a credit value of 100.