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Dragonstar Force Vol 9

Where to find Starfield Dragonstar Force Vol 9, and everything there is to know about Dragonstar Force Vol 9.

Dragonstar Force Vol 9
Mass 0.45
Value 55

Dragonstar Force Vol 9 description

Sarrklon is back, for real this time! Jeffrex and princess Laglorial’s wedding is cut short by the return of their old nemesis, Sarrklon. Having revealed himself to be a changeling himself, our heroes question who it was they defeated before. Was it a clone, a robot double, or a mind-controlled changeling minion? But solving that mystery will have to wait, as Sarrklon steals the Dragonstar, once again sending the Dragonstar Force on the hunt for the galaxy’s greatest power.

Dragonstar Force Vol 9 overview

The Starfield Dragonstar Force Vol 9 is one of many Starfield items found in the Settled Systems. Classed as Notes, a single Dragonstar Force Vol 9 has a mass of 0.4 and a credit value of 100.