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History of the Pyrates

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History of the Pyrates
Item Code 0023E924
Mass 0.4
Value 100

History of the Pyrates description

[The 1724 work A General History of the Pyrates is a firsthand account of the lives and adventures of several swashbucklers who plied their trade in the Caribbean during the so-called “Golden Age” of piracy. It was supposedly written by one Captain Charles Johnson, but there’s no evidence that such a person actually existed. Instead, most people attribute the book to Daniel Defoe, famed author of Robinson Crusoe, writing under a pen name. The following is an excerpt.]



Captain TEACH


Edward Teach was a Bristol Man born, but had sailed some Time out of Jamaica in Privateers, in the late French War; yet tho’ he had often distinguished himself for his uncommon Boldness and personal Courage, he was never raised to any Command, till he went a-pyrating, which I think was at the latter End of the Year 1716, when Captain Benjamin Hornigold put him into a Sloop that he had made Prize of, and with whom he continued in Consortship till a little while before Hornigold surrendered.

In the Spring of the Year 1717, Teach and Hornigold sailed from Providence, for the Main of America, and took in their Way a Billop from the Havana, with 120 Barrels of Flower, as also a Sloop from Bermuda, Thurbar Master, from whom they took only some Gallons of Wine, and then let him go; and a Ship from Madera to South-Carolina, out of which they got Plunder to a considerable Value.

After cleaning on the Coast of Virginia, they returned to the West-Indies, and in the Latitude of 24, made Prize of a large French Guiney Man, bound to Martinico, which by Hornigold’s Consent, Teach went aboard of as Captain, and took a Cruize in her; Hornigold returned with his Sloop to Providence, where, at the Arrival of Captain Rogers, the Governor, he surrendered to Mercy, pursuant to the King’s Proclamation.

History of the Pyrates overview

The Starfield History of the Pyrates is one of many Starfield items found in the Settled Systems. Classed as Notes, a single History of the Pyrates has a mass of 0.5 and a credit value of 101.