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Jake and the Enu: Part 2

Where to find Starfield Jake and the Enu: Part 2, and everything there is to know about Jake and the Enu: Part 2.

Jake and the Enu: Part 2
Mass 0.8
Value 93

Jake and the Enu: Part 2 description

Jake and the Enu: A Tale of Enlightenment

Part 2:

Jake cursed and pleaded with the thieves, but it was no use. Soon, every Enu was removed from the cave. Jake wept. What would become of the mountain? He continued visiting the cave each day. He cleaned the floors where the Enu had stood, and recited his good deeds to the walls. Jake dreaded the spring. Without the gift of the Enu’s stream, what would become of his fields?

Then, in the spring, the stream flowed from the cave anyway.

Jake was confused, but his family wasted no time. They cultivated their fields, and that summer, they saw their most bountiful harvest in years.

The following spring, the stream appeared again. Jake began to wonder – were more Enu hiding in the cave? He waded into the stream, and traveled beyond the Enu’s cavern – much further than he had before.

But instead of more Enu, Jake found a large, underground lake.

He also found tunnels, bringing fresh water into the cave from the rainy side of the mountain.

Later that day, Jake traveled down to the village in the valley. He found its people desperate, and their lands parched. Jake visited the farms of the village. He found an Enu statue placed in each one, but he could see that the rocky, dry land would never grow fruit.

That evening, Jake returned to his wife, and shared what he had seen. They spent all night looking down on the valley. In the morning, they called for their sons, and the family harvested their fields. They packed half of all they had grown in large, wooden carts.

The next day, Jake stood at the mouth of the Enu’s cave. He turned, and joined his family as they traveled down the mountain.

Jake and the Enu: Part 2 overview

The Starfield Jake and the Enu: Part 2 is one of many Starfield items found in the Settled Systems. Classed as Notes, a single Jake and the Enu: Part 2 has a mass of 0.8 and a credit value of 93.