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Our Lost Heritage

Where to find Starfield Our Lost Heritage, and everything there is to know about Our Lost Heritage.

Our Lost Heritage
Item Code 0023E926
Mass 0.4
Value 100

Our Lost Heritage description

[When it became widely accepted that the Earth would have to be evacuated, a group of prominent architects teamed together to produce this book. It contains a bonanza of high definition pictures, detailed floor plans, and behind-the-scenes information about the architectural wonders of some of the great cities of Earth. New York, London, Washington DC, Paris, and Tokyo are the central focus.

In this reprinting, one of the primary architects of New Atlantis acknowledges how inspirational she found these pages and how it influenced the design of the city she was building. This book is considered to be one of the most important tomes of architectural history.]

Our Lost Heritage overview

The Starfield Our Lost Heritage is one of many Starfield items found in the Settled Systems. Classed as Notes, a single Our Lost Heritage has a mass of 0.5 and a credit value of 590.