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The Gravity Paradigm

Where to find Starfield The Gravity Paradigm, and everything there is to know about The Gravity Paradigm.

The Gravity Paradigm
Mass 2.5
Value 655

The Gravity Paradigm description

Truth is, what our scientists didn’t know back then could fill volumes. The focus, of course, was on wormholes, and not only creating, but maintaining a stable and sustainable Einstein-Rosen bridge. That was the goal, the endpoint. No one had even considered that maybe that was just the beginning.

When we look at grav drive technology today, and the ease at which we fold space and travel light years in seconds, it’s sometimes easy to forget the impossibility of what we’ve achieved.

[Doctor Josephine Inatu’s seminal work continues for another 535 pages, and has become the most highly respected text on grav drives and grav jumping ever written.]

The Gravity Paradigm overview

The Starfield The Gravity Paradigm is one of many Starfield items found in the Settled Systems. Classed as Notes, a single The Gravity Paradigm has a mass of 0.5 and a credit value of 105.