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Euphorika is a shop located in the Ebbside of Neon, selling a variety drinks, aid items, and Aurora (for special members only).

Location Types City
Planet Volii Alpha
System Volii

Euphorika overview

Like all other Starfield locations, fully exploring Euphorika for items, NPCs, and missions is recommended. Euphorika is a Vendor found on Volii Alpha, in the Volii system.

Euphorika is a unique location in that you can’t access the primary service of this exclusive bar unless you pay 5000 Credits to Euphorika’s owner. Once you’ve handed over the cash, you’ll gain access to the Member’s Lounge, where you can acquire Aurora from outside of the Astral Lounge.

Finding Euphorika can be a challenge due to the winding streets of Neon’s outskirts. With the new Starfield maps, finding Euphorika should be a little easier so long as you go to the Ebbside (Left) and search near the Chunks bar located there.

Euphorika items and loot

You can potentially find the following items and loot at Euphorika:

No weapons have been confirmed at this location.

No armor pieces have been confirmed at this location.

No additional items have been confirmed at this location.