Marika Boros

One of many recruitable Starfield crew members, Marika Boros is a shotgun-for-hire, and a welcome addition to any particle beam-heavy ship.

Marika Boros
SummaryA trained gunner found sitting in The Viewport.
LocationThe Viewport
Crew MemberYes

You can always hire additional crew at spaceports like the The Viewport, including Starfield crew member Marika Boros.

“Got any room on your ship for someone like me?”

Marika Boros’ skills

  • Shotgun Certification – Rank 1
  • Ballistics – Rank 2
  • Particle Beam Weapon Systems – Rank 1

Crew members don’t have the same skill levels that you find with dedicated companions, but guns for hire like Marika are always a welcome addition to any firefight. Marika appears to specialize as a mid to close-range combatant, relying on a shotgun to deal with anything that dares stand up to her.

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