Markieff Sunderland

Markieff Sunderland is an NPC in need of a beast hunter.

Markieff Sunderland overview

Starfield’s Markieff Sunderland is one of several Starfield NPCs you can encounter during your exploration of the Settled Systems. Markieff Sunderland is affiliated with no specific faction.

In a fancy restaurant called Dawn’s Roost, you will find Markieff Sunderland lounging about in search of a the right Spacefarer to help him with a small problem. Sunderland’s beans are missing. Or rather, a certain beast has taken them, and the last hunter he hired failed to retrieve the beans, dying in the attempt.

Players with the Beast Hunter background are able to demand double the payment for Sunderland’s quest.

Markieff Sunderland locations

You can find Markieff Sunderland in one of the following locations:

  • 5233

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