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The Pilgrim

The Pilgrim
Summary A mysterious figure at the heart of Starfield’s story.
Location Pilgrim's Rest
Companion No
Romanceable No
Crew Member No

The Pilgrim overview

Starfield’s The Pilgrim is one of several Starfield NPCs you can encounter during your exploration of the Settled Systems. The Pilgrim is affiliated with no specific faction.

According to ancient legend, The Pilgrim visited every corner of the Settled Systems, and discovered a fundamental truth. They decided to give a small part of that truth to the Sanctum Universum, the Enlightened, and the House Va’ruun. Upon informing these three religions, The Pilgrim went into hiding, leaving behind only a mysterious code. Curiously, the Enlightened refer to The Pilgrim as “The Drifter.” House Va’ruun worshippers call this same character “The Unbeliever.” In the House Va’ruun’s tale, they doubt The Pilgrim’s words, and attempt to kill The Pilgrim, only for The Pilgrim to resurrect themselves. At the core of each tale told to each faith is a code, a set of coordinates where you might find The Pilgrim’s resting place.

The Pilgrim locations

You can find The Pilgrim in one of the following locations: