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Amun-2 Engine

Where you can find, purchase and equip the Starfield Amun-2 Engine to your spaceship.

Amun-2 Engine
Module Types Hab
Manufacturers Taiyo Astroneering
Mass 5
Value 1050

Amun-2 Engine overview

The Amun-2 Engine is one of many Engine Starfield ship components that you can equip to any of your Starfield ships. Manufactured by Amun Dunn, the Amun-2 Engine has a base value of 6200 credits.

Amun-2 Engine stats

As an Engine module, the Amun-2 Engine propels your ship forwards in space, with some engines being suited for forward thrust, or maneuvering around. You can divert additional power to the Amun-2 Engine from your Reactor module, increasing your overall speed.

The Amun-2 Engine has the following base stats:

  • Mass: 99
  • Hull: 5
  • Max power: 2
  • Engine thrust: 7440
  • Maneuvering thrust: 1830
  • Engine health: 61
  • Crew capacity: 0.25


Amun-2 Engine location

You can purchase and equip this ship component from the following locations: