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Tokamak X-150 Reactor

Where you can find, purchase and equip the Starfield Tokamak X-150 Reactor to your spaceship.

Tokamak X-150 Reactor
Module Types Structural
Manufacturers Nova Galactic
Mass 1
Value 500

Tokamak X-150 Reactor overview

The Tokamak X-150 Reactor is one of many Reactor Starfield ship components that you can equip to any of your Starfield ships. Manufactured by XIANG, the Tokamak X-150 Reactor has a base value of 18300 credits.

Tokamak X-150 Reactor stats

As a Reactor module, the Tokamak X-150 Reactor is the beating heart of your ship.

The Tokamak X-150 Reactor has the following base stats:

  • Mass: 30
  • Hull: 455
  • Power: 20
  • Reactor health: 30
  • Repair rate: 1.5

Various ship components like the weapon systems require power to operate, so ensure your ship’s reactor generates enough power to get the most from your ship systems. You can also get additional ship power without upgrading your reactor by taking the Aneutronic Fusion skill.

Tokamak X-150 Reactor location

You can purchase and equip this ship component from the following locations: