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Skyrim’s worst quest returns as a Starfield easter egg

A perceptive Redditor spots a familiar stone in the Starfield Direct showcase gameplay, and it could signal the return of the worst questline in Bethesda’s history.

Skyrim’s worst quest returns as a Starfield easter egg

There are quite a few callbacks to previous Bethesda titles in Starfield, none more infamous than the Adoring Fan. However, a sharp Redditor has since discovered a ‘space rock’ Easter egg hidden to one side that looks suspiciously like Meridia’s Beacon from Skyrim – the talking rock that won’t shut up.

Redditor Reasonabledwarf posted a screenshot highlighting the plaque beneath a strange stone ornament. “Some artist thought nobody would notice, but I did: this fancy display is just labeled “SPACE ROCK.”

The naming of it might be straight to the point, but the community quickly realized that the rock in question looks suspiciously like Meridia’s Beacon from Skyrim.

As Redditor WongFeiXyooj posted “A NEW HAND TOUCHES THE BEACON” referring to the infamous questline “The Break of Dawn.”

Meridia's Beacon makes a return in Starfield as a Space Rock.

The Break of Dawn is infamous in the Skyrim community for three major reasons:

  • The item that starts this questline spawns randomly in the world – making it impossible for you to go straight for it without visiting Meridia’s temple to get the waypoint.
  • Once you pick it up, you are stuck with the quest. You also can’t drop the beacon, making it a permanent addition to your inventory if you don’t want to complete the quest.
  • The Daedric being, Meridia, speaks to you through the stone, and she is loud!

If you’re not expecting it, picking up Meridia’s Beacon is sure to give you a fright on your first Skyrim playthrough.

Memories of that experience have fuelled memes and comments on the original post by Reasonabledwarf, with a few adaptations being made for Starfield. AlyssaurusWrecks put “A NEW SPACE HAND TOUCHES THE SPACE BEACON.”

While it seems unlikely that Starfield will feature Daedric gods and the rock spotted by Reasonabledwarf is just an Easter Egg, I can’t help but hope stealing the “Space Rock” leads to a small jump-scare.

Fortunately, there are less terrifying NPCs throughout Starfield, and kept up to date in our NPC database, so make sure you follow us on Google News so you can get all the latest updates to our ultimate databases for weapons, locations, and even character builds.