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Starfield PS5 is real and it’s coming this year, say sources

Starfield might be out, but the leaks might not be over with rumors of a Starfield PS5 release due for launch after the Shattered Space DLC.

Starfield PS5 is real and it’s coming this year, say sources

There are a lot of interesting rumors flying around right now, including the possibility of a Starfield PS5 launch. With another Bethesda title, Indiana Jones and the Great Circle, reportedly being considered for PS5, it appears that Microsoft might be reconsidering its stance on platform-exclusivity, if the claims are to be believed. That said, there is some evidence to support these theories.

Hi-Fi Rush is a Bethesda Games Hack and Slash Rhythm action experience which released exclusively on Xbox and PC on January 25, 2023. It, like Starfield and many other Bethesda titles, was believed to be forsworn from PlayStation consoles. However, unfortunately for Bethesda and Microsoft, Dataminers uncovered T-shirt texture files buried in the latest Hi-Fi Rush update which contained a PlayStation blue, a Nintendo Switch red, and an Xbox green.

Screenshot of the Hi-Fi Rush images that may help confirm a potential Starfield PS5 release.

The colors by themselves might not have meant anything, but the slogans reading “I’m here baby!” “Shadow Dropped” and “Rock out! Anywhere” imply a great deal of the game’s future port to PS5 and the Nintendo Switch.

As claimed by the Verge’s Tom Warren, sources within Microsoft state that the company is reconsidering which titles in their portfolio should remain exclusive to the Xbox and PC. According to the Verge’s sources, Indiana Jones and the Great Circle, originally announced as an Xbox exclusive, is now due to launch on the PS5 in December (a few months after the original launch). Microsoft has yet to confirm if this rumor is true, but it is expected they will comment on their plans within the next few months.

If this claim is indeed true, and a Bethesda title is making its way over to the PlayStation, then there is every chance that Starfield will get the same treatment. Fortunately for PlayStation fans, one publication states sources close to Microsoft say that Starfield will launch on PS5 following the release of the upcoming Starfield Shattered Space DLC

Unfortunately, Bethesda have yet to announce when their first Starfield DLC package is due to launch in 2024. However, we estimate that Shattered Space will be released prior to the end of March. If so, we can presume that a Starfield PS5 release will arrive in Q2 2024.

As with the other rumors, Microsoft has yet to comment on the situation. Once they do, you’ll be able to find all of the details by following Starfield Db on Google News. Until then, check out the latest changes in the recent Starfield update, and keep your eye on our Starfield deals page for Starfield PS5 offers (should they appear).