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A Starfield modder has fixed Starfield’s awful combat slide distance

If you've ever unlocked the Starfield combat slide, you'll have quickly discovered that it is useless, which is why one modder fixed it.

A Starfield modder has fixed Starfield’s awful combat slide distance

Combat in Starfield is certainly an improvement over previous Bethesda games, with all but one exception: the Starfield combat slide. If you’ve ever taken the Gymnastics skill, you will have realised that the combat slide is about as useful as a Magshear without ammo. By default, the combat slide is little better than simply crouching. Fortunately, a Starfield mod has fixed this otherwise useless mechanic.

Presumably, the combat slide is designed to get you into cover while moving at a high speed. On taking the Gymnastics Starfield skill, you’ll be able to perform a combat slide by sprinting, and then pressing the crouch button. However, unlike games like Dishonored where the combat slide lets you slip several meters into cover, Starfield’s combat slide moves you a few inches.

In contrast, taking the Grav Dash power moves you a considerable amount more in Starfield, is easier to use, and doesn’t consume an all-important skill point (and waste a Starfield level up).

This is why Starfield modder Stentorious has set out to make the combat slide relevant again. By downloading the Longer Slide Distance mod, you can choose how far you want the combat slide to run.

For a side by side comparison, check out Stentorious’ video demonstration below, which also highlights what a difference the combat slide can make in the heat of combat once the slide has been modded.

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