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Starfield max level

If you're wondering what the Starfield max level is, our guide to leveling up has all you need to know about farming experience.

Starfield max level

Your Starfield level is a measure of how much experience you’ve earned over your playthrough, and also determines how many skill points you have to spend on Starfield skills. Earning experience is quite straightforward given that almost everything you do in Starfield will give you a small XP reward. Just landing on a planet or visiting a system for the first time rewards you with a little experience, and there are 1694 planets and 120 systems alone to explore.

In terms of a Starfield max level, while technically there isn’t a limit, you’ll have to spend a few thousand hours playing the game (unless you use a Starfield console command) to get even close to the upper limit.

However, there’s a lot more to the player’s level than how many skills they have. Higher levels will cause more advanced Starfield ships, weapons, armor, and more powerful enemies to spawn.

What is the Starfield max level?

There is no max level in Starfield, and you can level up indefinitely. This was confirmed just prior to the Starfield release date at Gamescom, and has since been confirmed by a swath of players who have reached incredibly high levels. That said, there isn’t much of a reason to level up beyond level 328.

Reaching the Starfield level of 328 will give you enough skill points to max out every Starfield skill. Our guide to Starfield skills has more specifics on how leveling works in terms of individual skills, but with no level cap, you can reach max rank across all the skills at level 328.

You can reach this high level quickly by progressing through the main quest and into the New Game Plus mode. As with previous Bethesda RPGs, you can earn XP by discovering locations, killing enemies, succeeding at lockpicking, and also by passing speech checks and completing Starfield missions.

How to increase your level

Leveling up allows you to purchase a number of Starfield skills, but finding enough XP to get you over the threshold isn’t always straightforward. Visiting Starfield locations nets a small XP boost, but so too will defeating creatures and completing missions. There are a few ways to farm XP in Starfield, from crafting to jumping to high-level systems and fighting really dangerous enemies, but ultimately leveling up will occur naturally the more time you spend playing the game.

Is there a Starfield max level for systems?

The max level for Starfield systems is 75. This sets the baseline player level recommendation for all of the planets within a particular star system. For example, one of the first systems you encounter, Alpha Centauri, is a level 1 system, which means that it’s designed for low-level characters.

In previous Bethesda titles like the Elder Scrolls Series and Fallout, it was less clear if an area was too high-leveled for your character until you were already a ragdoll on the floor. So, at least with the new Starfield level system, players will be informed ahead of time.

Is there a Starfield max level for creatures?

Starfield enemies and creatures scale to the player’s level. The only exception to this is when you visit a system with a much higher level recommendation than your character’s current level. Visiting high level planets can be a death sentence without the best weapons and armor, but it can also be a great way to farm experience.

Experience is rewarded based on an enemy’s level, meaning you can easily jump to a level 75 system and farm a few small critters to get big chunks of experience.

Is there a Starfield max level for equipment?

Unlike in previous Bethesda games, you can find higher-level weapons and armor from early on, with plenty of legendary weapon effects and legendary armor effects attached to equipment you can randomly find from the off. That means you don’t have to try and test the theory that there isn’t a Starfield max level to find some useful firepower for taking into combat. Individual weapons and equipment don’t have their own levels, either, though you can add your own Starfield weapon mods by using workbenches in important locations like Neon and The Lodge.

Let us know if you’ve made it to triple digits leveling up yet by posting on our Starfield forum.

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