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Starfield legendary armor effects

Our guide to all the Starfield legendary armor effects has all you need to suit up in something special for your trip into space.

Starfield legendary armor effects

Starfield legendary armor effects are often the difference between life and death in some combat confrontations, so it’s best to get your head around them as early as possible. So, we’ve put together this guide on all the possibilities, including the Starfield legendary effects for your spacesuit, helmet, and pack. With all four types of Starfield armor capable of having a legendary effect, there are some interesting combinations when putting it all together, but part of the fun can be figuring that out yourself.

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What are Starfield legendary armor effects?

Starfield legendary armor effects are special boons attached to standard items to offer more utility. Some legendary armor effects include things like halving fall damage, increasing your carrying capacity, and so on. So, unlike unique armor, which is a bit more difficult to come by, there’s always a chance of finding a piece of equipment with a legendary armor effect when looting a body or exploring a new area. To find out if something is legendary, all you need to do is take a look in your inventory and see if the piece of gear has yellow text and a yellow box.

All the Starfield legendary armor effects

We’re still putting our complete list of Starfield legendary armor effects together, so be sure to come back soon to see all the possibilities. Or, if you find something you think is worth discussing, head over to our Starfield forum to let us know.

What are the best Starfield legendary armor effects?

While we’re still compiling our list of all the possible Starfield legendary armor effects, there are a few we know are especially useful in the early game. Check out the bullet point list below for some of our recommendations.

  • Acrobat (Spacesuit) – -50% fall damage.
  • Mechanized (Spacescuit) – +40 carry capacity.
  • Sensor Chip (Helmet) – +20% accuracy while firing on the move.
  • Fastened (Pack) – +20 carry capacity.