Va’Ruun Spacesuit

Va’Ruun Spacesuit overview

The Va’Ruun Spacesuit is a Starfield Spacesuit with a weight of 13.3 and a credit value of 10095. By equipping Va’Ruun Spacesuit, you can increase your base resistances to various direct and environmental damage. Spacesuits increase your damage resistance stats the most, while Helmets and Packs provide smaller amounts of damage resistance.

Va’Ruun Spacesuit stats

The Va’Ruun Spacesuit confers the following damage resistances:

  • Physical (PHYS): 68
  • Energy (ENGY): 64
  • Electromagnetic (EM): 72

The Va’Ruun Spacesuit also provides the following environmental resistances:

  • Thermal: 15
  • Airborne: 15
  • Corrosive: 15
  • Radiation: 15

Where to find Va’Ruun Spacesuit

You can find base and upgraded versions of the Va’Ruun Spacesuit randomly in a number of containers, as loot from defeated enemies, and in several NPC inventories. Bear in mind, many Spacesuits will not spawn unless you have reached a specific Starfield level. So, if you visit any of the below and can’t find the Spacesuit you are looking for, check back later once you’re a higher level.

You can find the Va’Ruun Spacesuit in the following Starfield locations:

It is currently unknown where you can find this specific item.

Va’Ruun Spacesuit console command

If you want to add Va’Ruun Spacesuit to your inventory, open the Starfield console command window and enter the following:

player.additem 00227CA3

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